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eXcentris 04-03-11 02:32 PM

"The Killing", Danish tv series (DVD, 04/04/11)
Apparently this crime/police procedural series is fantastic. I know the US remake premieres on AMC tonight but for those who want to see the original series, it comes out tomorrow on DVD in the UK:



The murder of a young girl launches Detective Sarah Lund into an extended police investigation. Lundís plans for a new life in Sweden are put on hold as she can't bring herself to leave the case behind. As the parents of the dead girl's parents and friends struggle to cope with their loss, a link is revealed between city hall and the murder, causing a dilemma for one of Copenhagenís mayoral candidates. Over the course of twenty episodes, one for every day of the investigation, Copenhagenís secret corruption and power struggles are intriguingly unravelled as the hunt for the killer intensifies and the truth becomes ever harder to find.
Critically acclaimed and billed as one of the finest murder investigation series ever produced, this riveting thriller is now yours to own.


<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/4IZUWkghFeQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

logboy 04-06-11 03:15 AM

Re: "The Killing", Danish tv series (DVD, 04/04/11)
it's pretty standard stuff, unfortunately. biggest problem it's faced is that it's not only an accessible kind of TV suddenly appearing here on a channel not exactly known for accessible material (bbc four), but that it's also being remade in america, and it's just lucky with lack of competition.

from the reactions i've been reading to it on twitter, there's a sense a lot of people watching it wouldn't normally go near subbed tv (not that there's much of it around, but there's lots of subbed films out everywhere these days) and so it's kind of attracting an audience that finds it exotic - helps that it's from a country that doesn't normally export tv to the UK at all. if you find yourself comfortable with foreign products, with subs, it won't feel so out of the ordinary, i'd guess. certainly didn't to me.

oddest of all is that these folk now also seem to think that because france's far-superior 'spiral' has it's third series following the broadcast of 'the killing', that they're due a direct comparison as though it's an easy or appropriate thing to be doing. and lots of them are quite quick to admit they missing the first two series of 'spiral' completely... it's only 'the killing' also being a subbed crime series on that channel at that same time that's making them feel they're comparable. bizarre.

spiral series 1 & 2 box http://www.amazon.co.uk/Spiral-1-2-DVD/dp/B003QP2TQ4/

eXcentris 04-06-11 09:44 PM

Re: "The Killing", Danish tv series (DVD, 04/04/11)
I'm quite use to foreign and subs but how would it compare to series like "Prime Suspect", "Cracker" or the "Wallander" series (with Kenneth Branagh)? Price of "The Killing" is a bit steep anyways (around $60) so I was going to wait a while for it to drop.

Thanks for the "Spiral" tip, I'd never heard of it. Amazon.fr have a season 1-3 boxset but that's more expensive (per season) then the UK version.

logboy 04-07-11 01:10 AM

Re: "The Killing", Danish tv series (DVD, 04/04/11)
not sure any comparison is going to help things. as soon as i mention any particular show, there's enough characteristics for those familiar with the work for it to be far too easy for any other UK folk to shoot that comparison down. problem is that the UK makes an awful lot of crime dramas. problem is also that it's a large proportion of what i've watched in the last twenty years, and i've such easy and regular access to it that i move on and take in what i choose with far more ease than anyone looking back and trying to pick old stuff out to buy.

if you like prime suspect, try writer linda laplant's other major show from the last decade or so, trial and retribution :


if you like cracker, try director jimmy mcgovern's pretty-much-forgotten and underrated 'the lakes':


or complete set, a later edition..


and here's a couple of series i'd not compare, but enjoyed a lot over their lifetime :

waking the dead (just finishing it's final series, no.9) :

silent witness (which completely changed at some point!) :

i'd happily recommend 'the killing' to those rare people who are flush right now. if you wait for the price to come down, it's definitely worth a try - you might love it.

benedict 04-08-11 02:57 AM

Re: "The Killing", Danish tv series (DVD, 04/04/11)

Originally Posted by eXcentris (Post 10713877)
I'd never heard of [Spiral]. Amazon.fr have a season 1-3 boxset but that's more expensive (per season) then the UK version.

I watched and greatly enjoyed the first season of this. I was going to wait until someone bought me season two which I inadvertently missed before watching the third season which is just airing here on a BBC digital channel.

I recommended it to a couple of colleagues and they were also much impressed. It puts a continental spin on the high production value crime shows that we regularly see from North America.

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