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George Mucus 06-16-00 10:05 AM

There often seems to be a pattern of certain discs taking longer than normal to arrive. I thought it would be useful if people could post if they are experiencing problems with a particular title, eg. I remember several people pointing out that 3 Kings was taking longer than expected. At the moment, 2 people I know received Fight Club from Reel last weekend, yet I haven't received mine.
This way, we can see if it's just ourselves having a problem with a title or if there is a pattern.

FastShow 06-16-00 10:47 AM

Still waiting for Sleepy Hollow from Reel that supposedly shipped on 20th May. I think that it's not so much an issue with certain discs, as discs supposedly shipped from Reel on a certain date.

KayUK 06-16-00 11:06 AM

Sorry, I received my Sleep Hollow from Reel about 2 weeks ago. Maybe it's got stuck at customs? Not a comforting thought, I know, but at least you'll get it eventually if thats the case.

Henry_Krinkle 06-16-00 11:48 AM

I'm still waiting for 'Marnie', which shipped on May 31st, and 'Fight Club' and 'Interview with a Vampire', which both shipped on June 3rd.
...I do hope Reel aren't going to stiff us!!!

Gordon Aquilina 06-16-00 02:09 PM

I'am missing the following from reel

DVD Shipped
Sleepy Hollow 05/20/2000
The Green Mile 06/10/2000
Galaxy Quest 06/07/2000

You have to wonder if whoever they contracted to ship the dvd's to the uk - is bothering to now that reel are dead. http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/frown.gif

Mr Bigglesworth 06-16-00 02:40 PM

I received Fight Club from Reel on Monday but I suddenly realised last night that I hadn't received Sleepy Hollow from them yet. Bloody typical that the moment I have two problems with them, they decide to quit and only leave three people working on the site

KayUK 06-16-00 03:03 PM

Just checked Buy.com's website. They have online customer support for Reel orders
click to this page http://www.us.buy.com/support/reelfaqs.asp
The sixth subject on the page has a link to customer online support.
As this is a page about Reel.com, the online support ought to answer questions about Reel.

Robbert 06-16-00 05:12 PM

Got Fight Club yesterday and Interview with Vampire on Tuesday.

edytwinky 06-16-00 07:29 PM

I too got Fight Club the other day! It sure is a small world

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