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Wild One 06-13-00 12:36 PM

How do they handle customs, I`ve heard that in some countries the shipping methods "avoid" customs. Does anyone know about Germany and how much you have to pay ?

Admiral Moeller 06-13-00 08:18 PM

Amazon uses DHL World Mail for international shipping.
These pracels usually are sent from the US to Holland and from there to Germany.
Up until March 2000 every package got through unharmed by customs that way. Howver recently German customs seems to have smartened up and reports of customs charges have shown up in de.rec.film.heimkino.

You might just give it a try and see what happens. If Amazon doesn't work out there are still DVD Box Office (lame web site an slow service) and DV-Depot (good "customs" service though slightly more expensive) whichj you could try.

Again de.rec.film.heimkino is a good place to check out.


Knut 06-13-00 09:10 PM

I participate on a Swedish Web-board and right now everyone seems to agree fully that customs really has it in for Amazon. Pretty much every package from them is intercepted! But since this is the time for vacations and customs are lacking people as it is that means that pretty much all other e-dealers get through "unharmed" right now.

Wild One 06-14-00 11:04 AM

Ok thanks a lot for the help.

Obsidian 06-16-00 06:56 AM

I received my Magic Knight Rayearth Boxset yesterday and had no customs or tax to pay. But my last shipment from Reel (R.I.P.) that was over 50 Marks worth didn't pass unseen, although the Reel orders never had a customs problem before.

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