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beejay 04-09-00 04:46 AM

Hi guys,

With all these great dvd / mp3 players cheap in the U.S, has anyone imported one?

Can you just use a power converter?

What are the delivery charges like?

Please help! http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif


BearUK 04-09-00 09:13 PM

As no one has answered your questions yet, I'll give a part answer. Yes you can use a power converter. I brought one back from the US, and bought a power converter here in the UK. I would say that unless you were really desperate it would be easier to get one from an Aussie DVD importer, after all you're closer to Japan than the USA. I wouldn't dream of importing a player by post, I would use it as a part excuse for a holiday though. in fact I'm thinking of going in a couple of weeks to get a new one. And also buy lots of other stuff at the same time.

beejay 04-10-00 04:23 AM

Thanks bearuk,

Looks like no one else has tried.

tonester 04-11-00 03:36 AM

A friend of mine won one whilst in the States - all you need is a power transformer - about 40-50 bucks, as well as a TV that will play NTSC. The other point to remember is that whilst it is easy to get a region 4 player to region all, you'll have to be careful of the model that you buy, as you may not be able to get it converted if it is a model not on sale in Aus.

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