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cine 01-25-09 09:08 PM

Has anyone bought from the eBay seller OneWorldDVD? It lists lots of international film titles but I wonder if they are legit.

toddly6666 01-26-09 11:21 AM

Re: OneWorldDVD
Cine, thanks for listing that site. It looks like an excellent seller you found. It seems legit. I did the official vs. bootleg test by researching some titles that they had - I checked the Emir Kusturica DVDs that they had, and they all have the official specs (no English subtitles for Time of the Gypsies and Promise Me This). I'm currently researching some of the titles they have and I will buy from them. When I receive a dvd from them, I'll let you know if they are legit or not.

flixtime 01-26-09 11:55 AM

Hmm, I might be leaning bootlegs in regard to this site. I did a quick scan and some DVDs which are supposed to come with booklets are specifically listed as not coming with the booklet. FLAMMEN & CITRONEN is showing as a Danish DVD release with English subtitles, but I think DVDTalker Dane already said they were no English subs - at least on the 2-discer he purchased. Also for FLAMMEN & CITRONEN it says - as with others - that these are licensed Asian releases yet there are no Asian language options. My guesswork is that these are just bootleg DVDs copied from official releases in Europe, etc. Didn't research FLAMMEN yet to see if any of the other Nordic releases were English-friendly, but I'd still say proceed with caution. Maybe this seller just picked up an English subs file for FLAMMEN and added it to the DVD, don't really know.

toddly6666 01-26-09 01:20 PM

Re: OneWorldDVD
Flixtime, then I wish they added English subtitles to those Kusturica films. It's probably a combination of official and bootleg. They are pretty cheap as well, so maybe they could be all bootlegs due to the price. But then again, this is Malaysia - the DVD copyrighting laws aren't all set and clear there yet (as well as in Russia)...

cine 01-26-09 09:18 PM

Re: OneWorldDVD
I stumbled across this seller while using Froogle to shop for Bahman Ghobadi's "A Time for Drunken Horses". What I thought was strange is the specs of their DVDs seem to be identical to those of the official editions and without indication of Asian language subtitles, even though they are "licensed" Asian releases. It could be that the seller for expediency simply key off "stock" descriptions and cover photos?

Dane 01-27-09 04:37 AM

Re: OneWorldDVD
I would be very cautious about ordering from this seller. I mean Seller is located in Malaysia, which are synomonous for bootlegs. However, at the same time some titles look legit. One canīt really tell as covers might be a decoy. Just be cautious, though.

toddly6666 01-27-09 11:27 AM

Re: OneWorldDVD
I think it's just best to use their site as a guide. For example, they are selling some German DVD of the animated film Dragon Hunters, in which they say has English DD 5.1. I had no idea that this film was released, so thanks to them, I ordered the DVD yesterday from Amazon Germany.

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