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Elemental 11-05-07 06:04 PM

Suspiria - Restored (Wildside- France)
I just saw this review on dvdrama.com.

Apparently this 2-disc version has a brand new restored picture, and disc 2 offers nearly 4 hours (!) of all new unseen bonus materials (mosty interviews).

DVDRAMA gave 10:10 for picture quality (!!!) for this new Suspiria version,
for which the whole restauration and transfer process was overseen by original DP Luciano Tovoli.

Can someone please tell if there are any subtitles provided for disc 2 ?

My French is pretty bad, but this set seems like a must-buy...

Here's a link to the review pages and another one for a promotional film for this DVD-set, which looks amazing.


Promotional clip for the new DVD (click on the movie-still that says "Bande-Annonce").


The set will come out on November the 21'st, the company that releases it is called Wildside.

tonyjg 11-05-07 06:23 PM

There have been a stack of releases of this title worldwide already !!
You might want to check this previous comparison of a few versions


I have the R2 version discussed previously - and whilst this review gives is bit of a damning I can't see much at fault with it (granted it was watched on a projector).

IMO - OK film - but any remastering isn't going to make it a better film - only more COLOURFUL :)

Elemental 11-05-07 06:35 PM

Thanks Tony, yeah i know that comparison page for Suspiria.

I own the US Anchor Bay 3 -disc set and Dutch 1 disc DVD (from A-Film) myself, and both look really good, but I'm really interested in this release as well.
It's one of my favourite horror movies, so there you go. -smile-

RichDB10 11-06-07 03:59 AM

Originally Posted by Elemental
Can someone please tell if there are any subtitles provided for disc 2 ?

If you mean English subtitles then i'm afraid not.

Incidentally, as far as i'm aware it will be released on Dec 5th and not Nov 21st.

Josh Z 11-06-07 09:11 AM

What are the language and subtitle options for the feature?

Giles 11-06-07 09:15 AM

one hopes the preposed HiDef stateside Weinstein Co. release will feature this new restored print.

Richard Malloy 11-06-07 11:15 AM

I'm not sure, but it appears that the French DVD is different than the new Italian one reviewed negatively by DVD TIMES here?

Elemental 11-06-07 02:25 PM

Originally Posted by Richard Malloy
I'm not sure, but it appears that the French DVD is different than the new Italian one reviewed negatively by DVD TIMES here?

I'm not sure here either Richard. The fella at DVDRAMA said this transfer is the bomb, but I'm all confused now.

And Joshua, apparently the French disc has the following audio and subtitle options.

Format 2.35 - 16/9 compatible 4/3 - Double layer

Languages : - Français Mono - Italien : Dolby Digital 5.1 et Dolby stéréo

Sous-titres : Français

I overlooked the fact there are no English subs for this release !


I really don't understand what's keeping so many Cult and Arthouse DVD companys (from all regions) from releasing a slew of different language subtitle tracks on their often great releases. Especially the French keep making that mistake. Think of all those great releases so far, like those exclusive 2-disc Fulci movies that only came with French subtitles. They could have sold many more as imports had they provided English subtitles for 'em, I'm absolutely sure about that.

Richard Malloy 11-06-07 03:00 PM

The English language track for "SUSPIRIA" (not subtitles) is essential.

Josh Z 11-07-07 12:06 PM

Originally Posted by Richard Malloy
The English language track for "SUSPIRIA" (not subtitles) is essential.

Oh, I don't know. The definition of the "original language" for a movie like this is debatable. The cast spoke a variety of different languages on camera, all of which were dubbed over for each market. The lead actress spoke English, which is why that's generally considered the main language for the film, but a case can be made for Italian as well. Frankly, I think the movie plays a little better in Italian with subtitles. The performances don't seem quite so bad when you don't speak the language. :)

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