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jabba_da_hut 09-28-07 12:47 PM

Help!! I can't find Twin Peaks Region 3 anywhere!
I have a friend in Singapore who has never seen the TV series. Really I only care about Season 1 (as far as I am concerned, that is the end of the show:P), but I wanted my friend to be able to see it. I searched all over for a region 3 version, but can't find anywhere that carries it.

Any Ideas??? thanks!

pro-bassoonist 09-29-07 12:16 AM

The Korean version is OOP.


jabba_da_hut 09-29-07 01:25 AM

Originally Posted by pro-bassoonist
The Korean version is OOP.


that's what i've come to realize. saw there was one on ebay a month ago.

also there is this "region 0" box set from tvaddicts but found but that website is just a total scam.... ugh!

guess i have no choice but to make my own bootleg on DVD-R

chaos2046 09-30-07 08:31 AM

Series 1 DVD boxset is still available in Taiwan though quite rare, and the price I believe is at least twice than the Korean version, even though it's exactly the same.

jabba_da_hut 10-01-07 04:25 PM

well this forum is incredibly helpful...

pro-bassoonist 10-01-07 11:02 PM

Well, here's a hint for you:

Since you have so much trouble finding this set why don't you email Tony at XploitedCinema and see if he might be able to assist you. He has plenty of distrib contacts so I would think that it is worth the effort.

Tony is an utterly helpful gentleman and a true businessman. I mean it!!


chaos2046 10-02-07 07:55 AM

The TW version can be ordered <a href="http://www.books.com.tw/exep/prod/dvd/dvdfile.php?item=D020011803">here</a> at NT$2632 (roughly US$80.76), without counting in the postage. If you think the cost is acceptable, or if you need more info in any way, pls lemme know.

Sorry the link leads to a very reliable local website in Taiwan that doesn't come in English!! :(

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