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nikkatsu 08-02-07 10:31 AM

Cinemalta Fr ( Out of Business ) ??
None of their emails work, and nothing has been released in awhile.

They were supposed to release the Roman Porno Vol 1-3
along time ago too.

- Coffret Roman Porno Vol. 1
[Masaru Konuma : La Vie secrète de Madame Yoshino / Une Femme à sacrifier]
- Coffret Roman Porno Vol. 2
[noboru tanaka : La Véritable histoire d'Abe Sada / Bondage]
- Coffret Roman Porno Vol. 3
[Tatsumi Kumashiro : La Femme aux cheveux rouges / Sayuri strip-teaseuse]

Anyone got any news on whats happening with them ??

Tutut 08-05-07 04:47 PM

They answered someone from the Dvdclassik forum, those releases are delayed till next year.

Wild Side will release some Tatsumi Kumashiro movies (no release date announced):

DERRIERE LES CLOISONS DE PAPIER (Le rideau de Fusuma) (1973) Yojohan fusuma no urabari - A Man and a Woman Behind the Fusuma Screen

DERRIERE LES CLOISONS DE PAPIER, LA PEAU PUDIQUE (1974) Yojohan fusuma no urabari: Shinobi hada

LA RUE DE LA JOIE (1974) Akasen Tamonoi Nukeraremasu - Street of Joy

nikkatsu 08-07-07 05:56 PM

Another year??? They released Madame Yoshino in the theater last summer.
I have the geneon DVD but it's censored and no subtitles.
Are they having financial trouble or something ?
Glad they are still around , will have to check out the WildSide stuff when it come out thanks for the info.

Tutut 08-08-07 03:40 AM

The release date in theaters means nothing IMHO,Masumura's movies for example have been released in December 2004 and
August 2005 in the french theaters and the discs in December 2006.
Cinemalta is not involved in theater distribution, Zootrope Films is in charge of this business.
The last date I saw for those boxsets was December 5 2007.

Cinemalta was in trouble last year because Night and Day, their distributor went bankrupt, it seems they have problems to find a reliable partner.

spr 08-20-07 10:27 AM

I ordered from Cinemalta on 10th August 2007 -- the DVD arrived without any problems.

Tutut 08-21-07 12:44 AM

Yes, they have no problems with films that have been released on disc yet.

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