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Mao 07-22-07 09:03 PM

Best Online Sites To Buy Region 3?
Read through the old stickies and lots of places closed....

Other than CD-Wow and ethaicd.com.....Any ideas?

Link me, please!!!!!

emachine12 07-22-07 10:02 PM


logboy 07-23-07 03:33 AM

dvdfromkorea.com, dddhouse.com, ethaicd.com, yesasia.com.

dont forget, R3 covers several different distinct countries of interest.

Subgeniusguy 07-23-07 04:52 AM

DVDHeaven.com also. I find for most Korean releases I end up ordering from YesAsia or CDWOW because shipping from a lot of the Korean stores is pretty high.

alsoknownasx 07-29-07 06:29 PM

I haven't bought from them in awhile, but I like http://www.buyoyo.com.
Just click on the ENG tag in the top left corner for the English interface. I use www.xe.com to do the currency conversions.
Shipping from Hong Kong is slightly expensive (2-5 DVDs for $9), but a lot of the prices are often cheaper than other places, so it evens out...

Celpacius 07-29-07 10:44 PM



great site.

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