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cgray 03-09-07 10:37 PM

powell and pressburger collections: suggestions?
Looking to pick up a bunch of P&P movies at once. Can anybody recommend either of these sets?

11 movies:


9 movies (doesn't include Black Narcissus and Tales of Hoffman, but is 20 less).


DVD King 03-10-07 03:45 PM

They're the same set aside from the 2 films. I don't have either since I prefer criterion's image to the carlton's, but to most it's not a huge difference.

If you want to get many of them and for a good price go with the 9 film box, the best price is at hmv.co.uk. Then from there you may want to get the network release of Black Narcissus, sendit.com has a good price. Wait for Optimum to release the Tales of Hoffman if you're interested in that title, the colors are apparently incorrect on both R1 and R2 releases.

cgray 03-10-07 04:35 PM

Thanks a ton, King! Any other peoples comments are still appreciated, but you gave me a great start. That is a nice price over at HMV.co.uk

Reservoir 03-11-07 03:42 AM

Depends what you want. I think some of those tranfers (especially Red Shoes) are far better than anything else available anywhere. Also, if you want to watch many of the films for the first time then the UK boxset is a no brainer.

chente 03-11-07 07:23 AM

I have the 9-disc set and love it, although there are nice Criterion DVDs of 49th Parallel and A Canterbury Tale, my two favorites from the set so I might pick those up just for the extras.

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