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I just watched the UK PAL DVD of D.O.A.: DEAD OR ALIVE after eagerly awaiting to see this in USA theaters last year, but it looks like it is going straight to video. Just as unfortunate as Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY, it's a shame that this movie is not going to play in theaters, because DOA is a highly entertaining movie. This movie is a cross between MORTAL KOMBAT and CHARLIES ANGELS, two highly entertaining movies of their kind when they came out in the theaters. DOA is probably the most fun video game movie I've seen since MORTAL KOMBAT. It doesn't take itself too seriously and the movie moves very fast and is extremely entertaining thanks to the presence of the good looking female characters and other interesting characters. The whooping-ass girls are Jamie Priestly (of My Name is Earl and Not Another Teen Movie fame), Holly Valance (of Prison Break fame), Sarah Carter (of Numbers and Smallville fame), Nattasia Malthe (Typhoid Mary in Elektra movie), and Devon Aoki (the interesting-looking Asian freckled girl from D.E.B.S. and Sin City). The interesting male ass-kickers are: the always entertaining Eric Roberts (even more entertaining than his annoying Hollywood sister, Julia) whom finally gets to whoop some ass since I last saw him do so in Alec Baldwin's Heaven's Prisoners, Collin Chou (playing Seraph in the Matrix sequels), Kane Kosugi (of Godzilla:Final War and Muscle Heat fame), Brian White (playing the funny mean black frat guy in BRICK), Kevin Nash (of wrestling fame) and the underused Robin Shou (of Mortal Kombat and Beverly Hills Ninja fame). All the acting is good enough for this type of movie. The girls in the movie with the most acting potential are Jamie Priestly and Sarah Carter. Jamie Priestly always makes me laugh - she is one funny gal. The worst actor in the whole movie is Devon Aoki - okay, she's bizarre looking, but i'm sick of her, her poor screen presence and her bad acting. I guess she's good at playing quiet deadly assassins in Sin City, as long as she doesn't open her mouth.

Cory Yeun always makes entertaining movies, such as The Transporter, So Close, and a bunch of good 90s Hong Kong films with Jet Li or Michelle Yeoh. DOA is a very slick and fast movie. Sure it's got the usual silly action-movie plot, but it doesn't slow down at all and just keeps on moving, enhanced by constant visually entertaining action scenes. There are tons of CGI-enhanced or wire-work fight scenes in this movie, nothing that really stands out, but all consistently entertaining. The best female versus female fight scene was one in the rain with Holly Valance versus Sarah Carter. Collin Chou had some good scenes, but certainly not as good as his fight scenes in the Matrix movies.

DOA is in the class of films that can be labeled as a "so bad, it's good-type film." I personally wouldn't call it that, because if a movie is highly entertaining as this film, it's a good film. Out of all the video game movies I've seen, the only ones that are decent and are good at incorporating the video game element successfully into the film are D.O.A. and Mortal Kombat. I did not like the American Final Fantasy movie, the Japanese Final Fantasy movie, Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter, Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat 2, Resident Evils, D.E.B.S. (this one isn't a video game but it's just an awful awful movie and nothing like D.O.A.) and any of those Uwe Boll video game movies.

Overall, if you like movies with girls doing martial arts in skimpy clothing, this movie is for you. Totally worth watching!

The UK PAL DVD is of excellent video and audio quality. The movie is very colorful and bright which is enhanced by a beautiful anamorphic video that really stands out and pops. The Dobly Digital 5.1 is really active with all the whooshes and thumps going in and out of all the speakers as it is supposed to in a martial-arts action flick. The only extras are a short but interesting making of the film (about 20 minutes). And there a bunch of deleted scenes which actually could have been kept in the movie. They didn't seem like ones that would slow down the flick, but I guess the director wanted to keep this movie at a super-fast pace.

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