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Dazza 01-03-07 12:29 PM

Noroît/Duelle (J. Rivette)
These have been out on R2 France for a few months but I only came across them a couple of weeks back. This 2-disc set contains the two seldom-seen 1976 Rivette films; Duelle stars Celine et Julie's Juliet Berto and Bulle Ogier, while fans of Rivette will know that upon completion Noroît was denied a theatrical release.
Neither film has English subs, although parts of Noroît (based on Revenger's Tragedy) are in English. Little in the way of extras except for an interesting analysis of each film.
Although this set hasn't been out long Amazon France no longer seem to stock it - however, FNAC.com have it with 4-8 day availability at the moment.
Regardless of the subs situation, I think this is a good purchase (not too expensive, shipping aside) for fans of the director, especially given the rare nature of the films. BTW, anyone in the Toronto area can catch both films in late Feb/early March as part of the Cinematheque's Rivette retrospective...


pro-bassoonist 01-03-07 02:21 PM

Dazza, do you have the the disc with you?

I have been on the fence with these as they come as a part of the The Films of my Life collection and the transfers there are a hit and miss.


Dazza 01-03-07 05:25 PM

Pro-B: Yep, I picked them up in Virgin. I know what you mean about the series... I have some of the others and technical quality can be a bit variable. As far as the Rivette set goes, I was pleasantly surprised with the pic quality on both films but sound quality (both tracks original mono) is not great - there is quite a bit of hiss on both films (especially "Noroît"), and at least one very noticeable dropout on "Duelle".
That said, overall quality was better than expected and the discs were quite nicely packaged, so for the relatively low price and the scarcity of the films I consider the set a worthwhile purchase. What I also liked about it was that the films get a disc each, as opposed to some of the other double headers in the series (such as Chabrol's "Landru"/"L'Oeil du malin", etc), which come as flippers.


pro-bassoonist 01-04-07 12:21 AM

Thank you for the detailed description Dazza!!


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