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Dan 12-29-06 01:10 PM

Daisy: Director's Cut $18.99 at yesasia!
Daisy - Director's Cut

just saw this today and ordered my copy. I was holding off on this before, because the price was $41.99 when it was reviewed here on DVD Talk.


edited to fix old price.

claytonlee10 12-29-06 02:18 PM

Hehe, ordered this last week and got an additional 2$ off for getting the bundle with Windstruck. But I'm still waiting on it, first time ordering from YesAsia too.

Edit: It's even cheaper at DVDFromKorea (16.99$) but shipping is killer (11.99 to Canada.... F that)

Rypro 525 12-29-06 10:20 PM

One of the best 99% blind movies I've ever bought. Never heard of the movie, but thanks to the glowing review here, decided to ask for it for christmas, and boy was it worth it. (also the dts track litterally scared the shit out of me
its a nice calm movie for the first half hour or so, and a full on gun fight breaks out without warning or hints causing me to litterally jump from my seat)

samper 12-30-06 10:29 AM

OK I blind bought this due to the reviews here.

claytonlee10 01-03-07 02:55 PM

Sweet, I just got it today and I am very impressed with this LE. The digipak is made very well as the cardboard is real think with magnets to keep the digi closed. I was also surprised to find a film-cell strip inside the digipak too but my cell sucks, it shows the painting tools in the bucket hanging on the bridge. Too bad no Eng subs on the extras though, but lovely set!

samper 01-08-07 11:03 AM

Finally got to view this last night. Beautiful package, movie and video on my upscaling DVD player and HDEF flat panel. Great blind buy for me. Also very pleased with the presentation of the subtitles - not that I know Korean. I guess now I should go for Sassy Girl and Il Mare from the reviewers here.

Giles 01-16-07 10:10 PM

so... ?! which of the two versions should I watch first??

slop101 01-17-07 11:14 AM

I was sorta disappointed with this movie - it looks great, but I ended up not caring for the characters (they were all very bland), and therefore, I didn't care what happened to them.

Dan 01-18-07 09:42 AM

Giles, only watch the Director's Cut. I loved it.

Giles 01-18-07 09:48 AM

Originally Posted by SomethingMore
Giles, only watch the Director's Cut. I loved it.

duly noted, thanks! :)

evophile 01-18-07 09:44 PM

how's the shipping from yesasia regarding packaging? despite knowing about them for years i've never ordered from them. I'm pretty anal about my boxes getting messed up and stuff as I've had that happen before.

thanks a lot!

zombeaner 01-18-07 10:49 PM

No lousy shipping from them so far, apart from being a little slow on the processing and shipping side. Only complaint was that they shipped me 2 regular discs in a padded envelope, instead of a box, which I would have preferred.

Dan 01-20-07 03:30 PM

yeah, my copy of Daisy came in a padded envelope. The envelope was a bit torn, but the discs & packaging were just fine.

evophile 01-21-07 10:51 PM

cool! thanks for the info guys. i usually dread the padded envelope but it sounds pretty good and you really can't beat it for this price.

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