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brainee 04-14-05 07:58 PM

Amazon.co.uk recommendations?
Hi all, I was looking around at Amazon.co.uk and noticed some great prices on a couple DVDs I was waffling on buying: "Santa Sangre" and "The Wicker Man" (both are under 8 pounds - most US-based retailers are charging $30-$40).

So, anyone have any good recommendations for things that can't be found in Region 1, but made in England? It'd be nice to build up a bigger order to save on shipping, if I can find other things I want. I like horror/cult/sci-fi, but not limited to that. Feel free to browse my DVDs (see my sig) to see what I have. Thanks

marty888 04-14-05 09:44 PM

Two John Carpenter movies have commentary tracks not available in R1 - <b>Starman</b> and <b>TheyLive</b>.

<b>The Hitcher</b> is a great 2-disc release with that has audio commentary, and a few short films including one directed by Rutger Hauer.

<b>The Deer Hunter</b> has a commentary track by Michael Cimino, and a 2nd disc with extras.

<b>The Witchfinder General</b> with Vincent Price in one of his best roles is not available in R1.

There's a double set of <b>Alligator/Alligator 2</b>, not available in R1.

That should keep you broke for a while .... -wink-

D.Zero 04-14-05 11:53 PM

Originally Posted by marty888
Two John Carpenter movies have commentary tracks not available in R1 - <b>Starman</b> and <b>TheyLive</b>.

So does Prince of Darkness

Richard Malloy 04-15-05 08:32 AM



(Best existing DVD versions of both movies IMO)

bboisvert 04-15-05 09:19 AM

Quatermass stuff, the BBC edition of Day of the Triffids, The Tripods, Erik the Viking, Chocky, The Changeling (with commentary), One Million Years BC (uncut), Misery (SE), Shaun of the Dead (extra commentaries)...

DrGerbil 04-15-05 02:37 PM

Originally Posted by Richard Malloy

Don't you mean Switchblade Romance?

Dazed 04-15-05 05:43 PM

Some good titles, I'd suggest also looking at cd-wow.com. they have simliar prices but have free worldwide shipping.

calhoun07 04-15-05 09:33 PM

Get MONKEY DUST, an animated series that Adult Swim could only hope to achieve the strange and bizzare goodness of. Easilly one of the best Brit TV shows I've bought on DVD ever.

I would also recommend GAME ON as one of the best Brit-coms I got from the UK, all three seasons.

I usually buy brit-coms and other TV shows from the UK, but if you are also looking for good prices on releases, they have an amazing price on TAKEN right now, which would come out to about 25.00-30.00 USD after conversion.

Tuan Jim 04-15-05 09:38 PM

The UK release of "Tears of the Black Tiger" is down to 8.97 and it's a steal at that.

Highly recommended!

HockeyMan2000 04-21-05 10:20 AM

I'm glad I ordered the bulk of my British titles when I did. I can't believe how much worse the exchange rate has gotten for those of us in the US (1 pound is now roughly equal to $2!!). Makes everything all the pricier...

mapasu 04-21-05 10:24 AM

Pink Panther Collection

Night of the Generals

Donnie Darko Director's Cut

Mission Impossible (anamorphic)

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