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BlackBeauty92 03-28-05 11:45 PM

It's been awhile.. Please HELP!!
Hi, it's been awhile since i show my fugly face here at DVDTalk :)

been moved back to my homeland in Indonesia... now i don't have much choice in finding original DVds except in places like Singapore for good R1 or R3 titles...

recently i got some R3 titles, but the problem is i don't know whether they all original R3 or "supposed to be original" DVD, or whetehr they all any better/worse than R1 DVD edition...

Man on Fire (R3): 2-disc SE, "Uncut"(?), NTSC, DTS
Shaolin Soccer (R3): Universe... i heard it's hack from 1:85 to 1:78 ratio??
Kung Fu Hustle (R3): single disc (non-SE)
Chornicle of Riddick (R3): DTS, PAL... is this Theater cut or director's cut??
The Village (R3): Non-Vista but got almost if not all the extras, NTSC, DTS
Terminal (R3): single disc, DTS, NTSC... isn't suppose to be 2-disc on R1??
Alien VS Predator (R3): 2-disc Extreme edition??? isn't the same as R1 SE??
SHREK 2 (R3): looks like the same with R1... no DTS
STAR WARS TRilogy box set (R3): i HOPE this is the same as R1...

the thing is, i do NOT know if they're Korean, Chinese, or whatever R3 editions... bought them all in Singapore....

now my questions would be:
are they better/worse edition than R1??

if there's any comment whatsoever, please share

thanx in advance

PS: i don't know how to use this new search engine for specific forum... so,... yeah :)

speedy1961 03-29-05 07:09 AM

I believe DVDBeaver does DVD comparisions by region if that helps....

OldBoy 03-29-05 10:00 AM


does extensive region comparisons and picks which is the best. incredible source to compare all imo.

BlackBeauty92 03-30-05 12:01 AM

thanx for the inputs, guys... much appreciate it

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