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Trigger 01-27-05 06:41 PM

I just got one from Starmax as well... all I asked for was the insert to protect from further damage and I remarked that a few of my digipacs were slightly scuffed (not enough to bother me though)... they replaced the digipacs and I got the insert. Sweet. I even had sent my email a few days after the deadline and never got a reply.

if anyone can't get theirs replaced for whatever reason and they need the Movie and Supplement 1 replacements, email me. Mine are slightly scuffed - very very minor, but if yours are awful this would be a suitable replacement. Give it a week to see if Starmax comes through though.

Also - the protective cardboard works beautifully... I love it. If anyone didn't get one and wants instructions on making their own, I could take a picture of mine and include dimensions. It would be easy to make one - it just wouldn't look as cool.

movieking 01-28-05 06:06 AM

Finally got a response from Starmax. Looks like they did send it out. Hopefully I will receive that soon.

Dear. Customer

Your replacement was sent out to you 17, Jan.

Please wait a moment

We think you can recieve that soon

Thank you


ehonauer 01-28-05 08:37 AM

I received my digipacks yesterday, too. No cardboard insert, though, so I was kind of bummed.

BuddhaWake 01-28-05 11:54 AM

received packaged from koreandvds.com with the digipacks. haven't gotten a chance to open it but thumbs up to koreandvds.com for doing the right thing.

Romerojpg 01-28-05 01:10 PM

So I take it Yesasia are just ignoring everyones email? as I wont even bother sendin them one till someone at least gets a reply, as I still have not got anything from Starmax or anyone else and Yesasi will get an email from me worded strongly soon, but I will wait till I know they will reply and from the look of it noone has got any reply from yesasia yet have they?

[email protected] 01-31-05 10:57 AM

got my replacements for my OLD BOY UE direct from starmax.. kudos to starmax and the owner of dvd.co.kr, who personally emailed Starmax to report the disc problem and missing film cut..


mrwilson 01-31-05 11:35 AM

my replacements should up this weekend. I bought the set from Yes Asia, who we all know handed this off to Starmax. Kudos to Starmax for taking care of this. FYI, I didn't send an picture with my email. Was kinda worried about that.

pro-bassoonist 02-01-05 01:52 AM

there is a 3 dvd set coming out in France very soon....(soundtrack included)



movieking 02-01-05 08:20 AM

Still waiting patiently for my cases....

fourizonly 02-01-05 11:38 AM

Have sent Starmax 2 e-mails with Korean text subject line and haven't heard anything or received anything from them. Contacted dvdetective and no words from him either.

ehonauer 02-01-05 12:09 PM

Got my cardboard inserts yesterday from Starmax. Big thumbs up to them. Although they've been hard to communicate with, they came through for me big time. A lot of companies would've just said "Screw it," but Starmax has done a lot to fix their mistakes.

royalwithcheese 02-01-05 01:34 PM

which cases are you guys getting replacements for? which ones were damaged on average? i just got replacements for the movie case and the supplements case. which other ones were damaged for you guys?

ehonauer 02-02-05 03:45 PM

As far as I know the Movie + Supplement 1 cases are the ones that were damaged for most people. Occasionally someone will mentioned a dented tin or a missing or damaged film cel, but that's all I've heard of.

Edited: Apparently Starmax is replacing any damaged digipack or film cell.

DrGerbil 02-02-05 05:04 PM

Originally Posted by ehonauer
Starmax's replacement program covers the Movie and Supplement 1 digipacks only.

Um... I have to disagree with you there, as I received the two replacement film cels I requested. :)

I'm also recall Starmax saying something like, "if any other digipacks were damaged, we will do our best to replace them."

royalwithcheese 02-02-05 08:43 PM

did anybody order from hanbooks? how was the condition?

Geminix 02-02-05 09:07 PM

Originally Posted by ehonauer
Starmax's replacement program covers the Movie and Supplement 1 digipacks only.

I'll disagree as well, they replaced both of these cases as well as my Supplement II case.

ehonauer 02-03-05 08:43 AM

I stand corrected!

region3 02-04-05 07:17 AM

the fans vs starmax episode 4 a new hope?
Hi guys,

i'm janko from belgium, i read so many rhings in that forum that i really don't know anymore what to believe!! but none or less, i found the e-mail adress of starmax in one of you posts and sent an e-mail to them on january 22 was just a very friendly request to have the replacement cardboards, i even add i was ready to pay shipping for it!!! they replied on january23 and say that they where sending it right now!!! i received them yesterday februari 3, the two damaged digipacks and the cardboard to put inside the copper case, so i'm posting this message to say to all of you who didn't had any luck with their request: TRY AGAIN and BE NICE with them, it worked for me, can maybe work for you...and it is a lot better then buying the replacement digipacks on ebay, yesterday it ended at 67$ for 2 digipacks only!!!!

have fun!!!!

royalwithcheese 02-04-05 08:08 AM

do you have the auction number for the digipaks?

region3 02-04-05 08:31 AM

it is the same seller, the guy must have several of them....first stopt at 67 dollars but the second one was only 5$ so...

region3 02-04-05 09:21 AM

by the way, i checked for the french collector edition of the movie that will be out in april, with french subtitles only, it has the EXACT same discs content as the korean ultimate edition, i will definately buy it! so i can understand every extras and listen to the commentaries as well lucky me ;-)

tmy727 02-04-05 10:07 AM

Originally Posted by region3
it is the same seller, the guy must have several of them....first stopt at 67 dollars but the second one was only 5$ so...

(not sure if you realize that)..... the $5 one is only for the cases.

ehonauer 02-04-05 12:48 PM

Please don't post links to eBay auctions. The last Oldboy UE thread was shut down because of them.

region3 02-04-05 01:19 PM

of course i realize that it is only for the cases but is it not what most of people here was looking, hoping for???

sorry for the links, i deleted them

i saw hanbooks still have the U.E on stock, did someone ordered there???

movieking 02-04-05 01:31 PM

Finally got the replacements today. I haven't opened them yet though, since I am at work. Looks like they sent them out a couple of dates later than they told me, but it is not a big deal. I am just glad to have them, and I am hoping that they are in good condition, etc.

Finally a complete and unblemished set!

royalwithcheese 02-04-05 09:32 PM

i just ordered from hanbooks but they haven't shipped yet...i'm pretty sure they're not actually in stock and they just haven't updated yet, cuz normally you get a confirmation of shipping date, and it's already been almost a week now.

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