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blessthemess 11-12-04 06:03 PM

Bu˝uel's Un Chien Andalou/L'Age d'or...
Finally released! In region 2. Hate to ask this at this time but: Does this mean Criterion MIGHT be thinking of issuing this soon?

fnordboy 11-13-04 01:21 PM

Very cool, been waiting a looooong time for these, especially L'Age d'Or.

I think Kino might be releasing L'Age d'Or R1, I don't know why but I remember reading/hearing that.

goosh 11-13-04 04:16 PM

It appears that L'Age d'or will be released on November 23, 2004 by Kino. Un Chien Andalou, however, will not be released until December 28, 2004 by Facets. Both are Region 1.
Although I am looking forward to a comparison between these and the Region 2 BFI edition, I am dissapointed that Criterion won't be releasing them.

L'Age d'Or

Un Chien Andalou

NMA 11-14-04 02:16 AM

I own the region2 boxset from BFI.

It has a nice packaging and a beautiful transfer.

dvdisoil 11-14-04 12:48 PM

The beaver has a review up


Daniel Windsor 11-14-04 05:29 PM

beautiful transfer

Of cardboard?

I'd say the video quality of the two films is poor at best.

I realise Gary Tooze loves the films, but it seems he's lost his usual deiscerning mind because of some nice cardboard.

blessthemess 11-14-04 08:45 PM

Looks like im hold out till the comparisons are made... I take it there's NO CHANCE Criterion will touch these two?

Richard Malloy 11-17-04 01:28 PM

If Kino and Facets already have the R1 distribution rights locked up, it doesn't look like we'll see this from Criterion... anytime soon anyway.

I've seen "Un chien andalou" so many times over the course of my life, that I can wait until late-December/early-January for the comparisons. But I'm really itching to see "L'Age d'Or", as that one's always eluded me. I'm hoping that somewhere out there are intrepid reviewers ready to make comparisons come next Tuesday!

undergradsfan 11-17-04 06:12 PM

I guess I'll get the BFI box set.

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