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FIGHTER IN THE WIND - Is this the coolest-looking LE DVD yet or what??

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FIGHTER IN THE WIND - Is this the coolest-looking LE DVD yet or what??

Old 11-08-04, 06:13 AM
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So what is the general thought on the film, i liked the stills i saw but would like an honest assesment as to what the film is about.
Old 11-08-04, 11:03 AM
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Hey its one of the best Korean films I have seen for a while, a drama with plenty of story, and plenty of bone crunching fights where people get the shit truley kicked out of them.

I was expecting a plot you could fit on a stamp, but as its based on true events it goes into quite a bit of detail of the mans life, and works its way up to him being one hard job, all in all its well acted and doesnt really get boring at all, and every time a good hard fight comes on the screen the fighters get to really rumble with some arms and legs getting snapped in half from the impact, very nice

Hard men beating each other to pulps always goes down well, but this has a nice story to it as well so its not just a standard fighting film.
I want to learn more about this man as if its based on true events how much is real, as boy I know from what I have read he was quite litterally one of the hardest men on the planet for many years.
Old 11-08-04, 03:07 PM
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Man, sounds cool, have to try and get the regular release.
Old 11-09-04, 04:40 PM
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I thought the movie - while not without its enjoyable moments -was rather mediocre. While there were some points deserving of praise (some of the characters, the look/style of the film at times, hinted at potential in the action) a lot of the film was a disappointment.

The fight scenes while plentiful fell short of the standards I've come to expect from Korean films. The set-ups were generally good; the execution however was more miss than hit. There was way too much use of slow motion, even some fast motion, quick cuts, too close camera work, etc. Give me the last fight in "Once Upon a Time in High School" any day over the fight scenes in "Fighter in the Wind".

The lead actor was fine but seemed to lack on-screen presence and charisma especially when compared to some of the supporting characters who were very cool - yet unfortunately under-utilized. The romantic subplot was almost deadly-dull, unaffecting, and ground the film to a halt on two occasions; it should have been dropped entirely. Plus I wish there was some way that we could have been spared the lousy acting from the non-Asians in the movie. The film had some pacing issues as well. Just as it seemed to be building to the conclusion it went off in another direction for about 10 minutes or so (though I actually liked this portion because it made up for some character development which the film lacked). It felt overlong at nearly two hours and yet I really never felt that they developed the lead character or fully explored why he was so driven. Generally speaking, most of the dialogue in the film is just wind and lacked in substance. The film felt a little spotty as it seemed just to glance on plot developments and not explore them enough. I also think the movie would have benefitted from a grander, more epic aspect ratio such as 2.35:1.

I understand the film is based on a comic about the man and it did have the sort of feel you might expect from such a movie (it was very cool when it worked especially in the first half), also at times felt like one of those U.S. action movies starring the like of Steven Seagal, etc. that dominated the 80's. It did not however succeed as much at that epic, biographical drama (maybe like "Chihwaseon") sort of feel that might've elevated this beyond just a run-of-the-mill action film.

All in all, I could be swayed to say that I found it just barely passable and that is probably due more to its glimpses of promise/potential/what could have been, rather than the actual final product.

edited to add: the use of contemporary - rather than more traditional - music on 2-3 occasions detracted from the movie experience as it took me out of the world they were trying to create.

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Old 11-10-04, 11:49 AM
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We have reviewed this superb, supposedly true-story actioner here.

I can only say that I enjoyed Fighter In The Wind immensely. It has heaps of instant replay moments, a great cast and a superb central figure. It boasts tremendous fight and training sequences. The story, no matter how true it is, is still pretty inspiring and had me, rather pathetically, attempting to do handstand press ups on my thumbs.

Sure it’s clichéd but then so is Rocky, with which this movie shares a kinship. The pacing is light and fast, speeding us through the tale with gusto; it never once feels weighted down with themes of morality or spirituality. The guy wants to fight … and be liked. Cool. I can dig that. And even if the sections with the kid and the mountain climb feel a little bit sentimental – hey, I can dig that too.

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