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Are Special/Limited Editions Really Collectable?

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Are Special/Limited Editions Really Collectable?

Old 06-29-04, 03:32 AM
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Are Special/Limited Editions Really Collectable?

This is something that I have been wondering seeing all of the "Limited Edition" DVDs coming out from Japan and Korea lately. Are these really "collectable" in the sense that there are people out there paying high prices for out-of-print versions of movies that are still in-print without the bells and whistles?

I know that there are a number of domestic titles (R1) that command high prices when they go out of print (Disney, et al), but what about the flood of Asian films that get the royal treatment for their initial releases? Are these just marketing tools to get people to buy them when the first come out?

Fancy packaging and postcards are nice, but its really the movie that people want, right? So is there any out-of-print, deluxe packages that people look for and collect?
Old 06-29-04, 03:51 AM
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It depends alot on the movie, but I'd say more often than not the LEs aren't all that "special"
Old 06-29-04, 12:35 PM
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Some idiots like me go out and spend far too much money on DVDs like the My Sassy Girl LE. If you find a collector who's willing to pay, you cand find a nice price.

Like Trigger said, though, it depends on the movie. I'm sure the R2 Kill Bill set will be worth a little more than the R3 Untold Scandal or Jealousy is My Middle Name LEs in a few years. I mean, go up to any person in the US and ask them if they're willing to pay 70 clams the Cosmic Rescue LE, they'll look at you funny. On the other hand, ask them if they'd like to have the R3 Korean Amelie LE, they're probably willing to pay a little for it.

You also gotta think that most Japanese companies go the extra mile to give you a nice package, but they charge a friggin fortune, while Korean and Hong Kong companies sell their LEs for relatively cheap prices. I'm a collector, not a businessman so I buy the LEs for myself. They wouldn't bring me more money if I'd keep them and sell them later, though.

Okay, now, ask yourself this question: why would anybody hunt down The Killer Criterion Collection when there are a ton other versions available, most of them better? Because it's Criterion, of course! Why buy/sell LEs? Because they're LEs!

Some people just want the movies, some want extras. Sometimes the LEs have a second disk (like in the recent HK releases), some have books (like many Korean releases), and some have some film frames. LEs show the studio cares about the movie and shows it likes the movie's fan. Most LEs don't offer much more than bragging rights, but if you can understand the language, they can gives you a lot more info on the movie. Many people don't care about the limited editions, but if you find a collector looking for the right movie, you can make a nice dollar.
Old 06-29-04, 03:07 PM
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Originally posted by pat00139
Many people don't care about the limited editions, but if you find a collector looking for the right movie, you can make a nice dollar.
Well that is my point, or at least part of my question. Are there really THAT many people who are collectors willing to spend top dollar for these items?

You bring up the Kill Bill Japanese disc. I assume you're talking about the limited edition that came with a shirt and a Kubrick toy. OK, how much were they selling for when they came out? $100+. Now, that its out of print, how much are they selling for? For true collectors, I'm assuming that the package can't be opened?

Considering the difference between the limited/deluxe version and the regular R3 version is basically a tshirt, toy and booklet how many folks are willing to spend a lot of money for the upgrade? Especially at a higher than retail price?

I guess my question is, are these really collectable? Or is it just an illusion created by the DVD companies to get people to pay more for something that really isn't worth it?
Old 06-29-04, 04:05 PM
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Here is an example.

I bought Dogville Very Limited Edition Region 3 for $29.00 + shipping from an online retailer in Korea. It was suppesedly made in a very limited number - about 5000 to 10.000 the rumors says, though no mumber has ever been confirmed.

I watched the DVD + bonus features, after which I decided to put it up for auction on Ebay. I sold it close to $ 90.00 without shipping. Sealed ones sold for more than $ 150.00.

So the question is, are these really collectable? Yes, I believe so. For a "true" collector that is. Whatever their reason is to collect Limited editions.

Most of the times, the movie itself is the same, but Limited editions comes with all such merchandise, which I couldnīt care less about.

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