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Paul_Nyman 05-26-04 09:56 AM

Aki Kaurismäki Box (5 Disc) R2 Sweden
I can't seem to find out if this was released or is coming soon. Are there any reviews out there online yet?

Does anyone you buys Swedish DVDs have any websites that offer best price in USD and ship for a reasonable amount to the US?

FilmFanSea 05-26-04 10:40 AM

It was released in November. I purchased mine through DVD Sweden. With shipping, it came to a little less than $100 USD.

The picture quality and subtitling (despite one mild error) are excellent. There are no extras. It is housed in a handsome Digipak-style case. Highly recommended, as it contains what are arguably Aki Kaurismäki's best films: Shadows in Paradise (1986), Ariel (1988), The Match Factory Girl (1989), Drifting Clouds (1996), and The Man Without a Past (2002).

Sandrew Metronome has also recently released a Leningrad Cowboys Boxset, containing all three of these films.

Paul_Nyman 05-26-04 03:54 PM

Do you know if it has English subtitles in the boxset? I hope it's not only in swedish!

Dan Average 05-26-04 04:03 PM

There are English subtitles on both sets.

Paul_Nyman 05-26-04 09:51 PM

Thanks for the info everyone! Any chance that there are coupons I'm able to use for DVDSWEDEN out there?

pro-bassoonist 05-26-04 09:56 PM

no chance!!


Paul_Nyman 06-01-04 02:07 PM

How long to expect this 5 disc boxset from Sweden? I've checked with customer service and no reply yet. The website says 1-5 business days, unless they are out of stock i guess?

siegfried 06-01-04 02:42 PM

I just orderd both the 5 box set, and the 3 box Cowboy set from DVD Sverige.com out of Sweeden. I placed the order 1 week ago, and the order is still in the "waiting from distributer" status. The entire order converted to U.S. dollars was about $158 which included shipping.

Yocke 06-01-04 03:52 PM

Well, I live in Sweden, and when I order from America (usually Canada) I get my films in about 10 days. Could be sooner, could be later, but usually 10 days. From the day it's shipped that is.

Paul_Nyman 06-03-04 11:03 AM

Is the Leningrad Cowboys 3 DVD Red Box out of print or a new release. I can't tell from DVDSweden site whetehr there was a release street date of some kind?

siegfried 06-03-04 03:11 PM

Looking at the "Masters of Cinema" website, it looks to me like the 3 disc Cowboys's package was released in April of 2004, with English subtitles confirmed on 2 of the films, the 3rd film is the concert. Still waiting to recieve it.

Yocke 06-03-04 03:53 PM

Nope. It doesn't say anything about it not being in print. In fact, it looks like they have it in stock.

kenho 06-04-04 09:38 AM

Anyone has the Swedish Leningrad Cowboys 3 DVD Box ?

It seems that The Total Balalaikka Show in the box has only 3 Kaurismaki shorts while the Finland edition of Total Balalaikka dvd has 5.

Can anyone confirm that ?

Yocke 06-04-04 01:32 PM

That is true. The Finnish dvd also has a couple of music videos and interviews that the Swedish dvd doesn't have.

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