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R2 UK Independence Day DTS Review

Old 04-26-04, 08:08 PM
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R2 UK Independence Day DTS Review

Released today in the UK, we review ID4 DTS edition. BTW I am only having fun poking fun at the movie and my American friends.

see below
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Old 04-26-04, 10:39 PM
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Phil... it is a dumb movie..not doubt. Sad to hear DTS doesn't add much to it.
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Old 04-26-04, 10:55 PM
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Is there a chance the Korean and/or Japanese DTS tracks will sound any better? I already preordered mine
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Old 04-27-04, 04:34 AM
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I don't know, but would doubt there being any difference unless maybe the Japanese gets a full bitrate track, even then it might not overly sound different. My Japanese copy should be here soon so I will compare within the review when it arrives.
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Old 04-29-04, 06:25 PM
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Re: R2 UK Independence Day DTS Review

Originally posted by Phil Hinton
Released today in the UK, we review ID4 DTS edition. BTW I am only having fun poking fun at the movie and my American friends.

see below
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