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mensachicken 04-02-04 12:45 PM

Q about Korean / R3 Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
Does anyone know if the Korean (R3) version of Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia is censored at all?

I've heard that some Korean DVDs have the nudity blurred out or the violence cut.

Njl 04-02-04 03:24 PM

I haven't watched the film yet, but from a quick check it seems uncut and uncensored. The picture quality is quite good.

pro-bassoonist 04-02-04 03:56 PM

no mention of such here:

Pro-B :o

Subgeniusguy 04-02-04 08:04 PM

I didn't see any censorship. Decent anamorphic transfer. Not to say it couldn't be better but I'm very happy with it. They also have Peckinpah's Cross of Iron at www.koreandvds.com which is the longer European cut also in anamorphic widescreen.

mensachicken 04-03-04 01:28 AM

Thanks, all.

pat00139 04-03-04 09:36 AM

Haven't seen the movie, but if there's frontal nudity, the movie's censored or cut, or otherwise altered (Water Drops on Burning Rocks' aspect ratio is altered a bit in the Francois Ozon set, but there's no blurring or cutting).

If the movie is very, very violent, it's cut (a second or two of Kill Bill was cut for the theatrical release here, but Saving Private Ryan is intact).

Other than that, they play anything here.

pro-bassoonist 04-03-04 11:00 AM

....and blurred Malena (for the Korean audience)

....and blurred Irreversible....

....and cut Taxi.....

....and cut The Pornographer (B.Bonello).....

I'd say they dont exactly play/show "anything here"....:o


pat00139 04-06-04 11:55 AM

I mean, other than blurring frontal and cutting extreme violence, they play anything...

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