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pro-bassoonist 03-16-04 02:03 PM

NOVO out on May4
NOVO has been set to hit the shops on May 4 (France) and it appears to be a Pan-Euro release as well.

Another Paz Vega treat :thumbsup:



Giles 03-16-04 02:12 PM

oh my :eek:

Bill Geiger 03-16-04 05:57 PM


The bassonist never misses a beat!

pro-bassoonist 03-16-04 06:32 PM



I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this....this has got to be the funniest thing ever......rotfl.....:thumbsup: NICE!!! :)

ha ha ha...

O, my...o, my....

Pro-B :o

rkndkn 03-16-04 07:56 PM

pro-bassoonist, thanks for the info! I'm an Eduardo fan and would love to get this. Can't seem to find any specs, but do you know if it will have English subs?

pat00139 03-16-04 08:44 PM

Novo came out a few weeks ago in Korea. It comes in a 2-pack with Open Your Eyes.

pro-bassoonist 03-16-04 09:11 PM

Originally posted by rkndkn
pro-bassoonist, thanks for the info! I'm an Eduardo fan and would love to get this. Can't seem to find any specs, but do you know if it will have English subs?
Yes, it does have English subs...that's why I indicated that this presentation will be a "Pan-Euro" release :). In fact there will be a number of sub options: English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Hungarian.


rkndkn 03-17-04 01:45 PM

Thanks, pro-bassoonist! I've only been multi-regional since last month, so still learning. :)

And thanks so much for the info on the Korean release, pat!

pro-bassoonist 03-17-04 01:52 PM

Originally posted by rkndkn
Thanks, pro-bassoonist! I've only been multi-regional since last month, so still learning. :)

sure thing, you're welcome :thumbsup:


pro-bassoonist 03-28-04 12:36 AM

here are the specs for the NOVO disc (I wont translate .:))


Le Film : Novo
- Les bandes-annonces (trailer)
- Les commentaires audio d'une scène particulière par le Réalisateur
- Le commentaire d'estampes japonaises du 19ème siècle sur le savoir-faire amoureux
- La scène coupée
- Le cours de ligotage filmé par le Réalisateur
- Les liens internet


Vandaahl 04-03-04 02:56 PM

Does anybody know if the region 3 DVD from Korea uncut is or not?

french fan 04-03-04 06:22 PM

.... :jawdrop:... wow, i must've missed this thread earlier, by the way whose legs are those, paz vega or anna mouglalis?

pro-bassoonist 04-03-04 06:30 PM

I think...mmm:hscratch: :)imagine that it is Paz Vega:D....


For this film in particular...I am not going to even consider a Korean release...too risky...all around:o

french fan 04-03-04 06:37 PM

absolutely, plus the wait isn't that long; since you mentioned Paz Vega, have you seen "Solo Mia."

pro-bassoonist 04-03-04 06:45 PM

yep.....I gave the info to nicheflix....not as strong as her other movies but...fair.

The other side of the bed though.....loved it!!...it is like a musical....http://www.dvdgo.com/images/products...0000104228.jpg
an R1 version is also available....


french fan 04-03-04 06:58 PM

yes, actually it is a musical, lol, like some indian bollywood production. I believe Sundance brought it here in the U.S, although i don't think Paz Vega has had the cross-over appeal here so far like her counterpart Penelope Cruz, may be she need to go out with Tom.

bluntman72 04-04-04 07:06 AM

where is the best place to order movies from France?

also which version of the other side of the bed is the best one to get?

pro-bassoonist 04-04-04 12:23 PM

Try FNAC, Amazon.fr, Cinestore......etc,

Other side of the Bed...the Spanish disc is superb!! great a/v quality....however there is also a R1 version released....some of the reviews indicate good quality.....I would check it out....


rkndkn 04-23-04 11:52 PM

I need some help. I've spent time scrutinizing some French sites with Babel Fish to try to figure out the cost with shipping for this title.

I couldn't find the cost for shipping at Cinestore without seemingly registering, which I didn't want to do (yet). I think I understand Amazon.fr's rates. I also couldn't understand FNAC, which says:

15 € HT
+ 1,85 € HT par article

Is that 15 EUROS a shipment and 1.85 per item? That seemed steep so I didn't know if I interpreted it correctly.

If someone could give me a rough estimate of shipping for one item and 2 items at Cinestore and FNAC, I'd really appreciate it!

Might this title be released in the UK anytime soon? At least I can read their sites! :)

Please bear with me. . .I'm new to ordering from non-English interface sites.

pro-bassoonist 04-24-04 12:23 AM

I think that you will be better off staying with Amazon.fr....the shipping is rather pricey (around 10 euro) but they deduct VAT so...I would opt for at least 2-3 titles...

You could also keep an eye on DVDZONE2.com.....they service the Benelux area and often have many of the new French titles with the same or better prices than you might find at e-tailers in France that actually ship to the States. You have to be careful however since at times countries such as Holland and Luxemburg among others tend to produce their own dvd versions that replace English subs with respectively Dutch subs, etc....so look for version "francaise". The shipping there is around 5 euro to the States (Chicago area).

If you have further questions...let me know....and NO so far I have not heard about a British version of NOVO....


rkndkn 04-24-04 12:21 PM

Thank you as always, Pro-B! :)

UKingdom 04-24-04 10:30 PM

where do you guys usually get your spanish dvds? there's a few special editions i want to get (thesis, intacto, and 2 discs versions are in spain; any good (and cheap) vendors?

i've noticed usually prices around the world are pretty reasonable...it's the shipping that's often ridiculous and ends up costing more than the discs themselves...somewhere there's gotta be a balance

UKingdom 04-24-04 10:32 PM

plus, any reason to get this OVER the already released korean cut? there's a 2 pack of novo/open your eyes on sale at yesasia for only 28 or something like that...plus they're a US vendor and will ship quicker...any reason i should wait for this french version?

the korean version also has the hilarious cover...and it's region free also

pro-bassoonist 04-24-04 10:56 PM

well, depending on the Spanish title (I looked your titles) you could browse through Xploited, Diabolik, and Machiavel....they are located in the US and Canada....

For special Spanish orders.....I would bet on either dvdgo.com or veoveo......

As to NOVO...I personally wont go with the Korean disc (and that is just me) because there are a few scenes in this film that are a bit risky in my view :)....besides many of the Korean "French/Euro" releases have been PAL to NTSC ports which causes the dreaded "ghosting"......which I dont want to get into an argument......but I detest and notice all the time (most recently in the Korean Belphegor release...which I will submit a review for as early as next week for Nicheflix)....but some people simply dont care....

....o, yeah.....and CHEAP AND GOOD...usually dont go together....:wave:

Hope this makes sense,

Pro-B :)

UKingdom 04-24-04 11:05 PM

i was looking at dvdgo.com which seems to have pretty decent prices, but shipping is 15 euros...which is rather steep. it says though up to 4 dvds...so i'm presuming that's a flat rate as long as i buy up to 4 dvds? (1-2 days too, which seems very fast)

does the spanish version of otro lado de la cama have english subtitles?

thesis is listed as discontinued by distributor...know anywhere else that might have it cheap?

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