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Old 02-25-04, 05:31 PM   #1
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Anyone speak Russian (or have ordered from before)?

I'm trying to order this movie from "In the Shadow of the Raven" an Icelandic Viking movie if you want to know. No English subtitles, but I thought I'd take a chance on it. Anyway, I manged to navigate the site pretty easily using Babelfish's Website Translator, so I'm thinking this is going to be a breeze. That's when I realize that you can't login to the site while going through Babelfish. No problem I thought, I'll just using the Babelfish Text Translator to translate each individual line of text once I get to the Checkout screen. That's went pretty well too, but then Babelfish finally let me down. Apparently, it doesn't work so well on individual words, and so when I got to the enter your address screen, I couldn't figure out where to put what and neither could Babelfish. I ended up just exitting out.

So, has anyone ever ordered anything from, or does anyone know Russian well enough to tell me what the words for "Name", "City", "Zipcode", etc. might be?
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Old 02-25-04, 05:52 PM   #2
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I dont speak Russian....never did....but am somewhat familiar with it:

Имя- Name

Страна: Country


Область/край/штат: State

Район: City

* Населенный пункт: (region....though this has a Russian context ...I think that sometimes it means a smaller city....or somethin glike dont worry about it)

* Адрес: Address (Street # Apt#....the whole bit ....etc)


Let me know if you need more help

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Istituto LUCE

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Old 02-25-04, 07:59 PM   #3
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i speak russian- so i guess i can try to help you.
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