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Bullet in the Head and A Better Tomorrow..how are they?

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Bullet in the Head and A Better Tomorrow..how are they?

Old 02-17-04, 11:35 AM
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Bullet in the Head and A Better Tomorrow..how are they?

I am thinking about getting these films by John Woo. I have only seen The Killer and loved it. I have Hard Boiled, but not a chance to watch it yet.
Anyone have either and can give me their takes before I buy? Thanks in advance for any help.
Old 02-17-04, 05:44 PM
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ABT is pretty good, ABT 2 and 3 not so good. BitH is ok, I think this is the one where 3 close friends betray each other due to greed, etc.

Killer and Hard Boiled are good keepers. The 1st ABT is also. The rest I'd say are rent first, then pick up if you really like them.
Old 02-17-04, 08:31 PM
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Buy all of them. If you liked Hard-Boiled, you'll like A Better Tomorrow 2. That's the first movie where he completely let loose with the action. A Better Tomorrow 3 is still good, but it's not John Woo (it's Tsui Hark). The first one is very good. The drama is really good and is as important as the action. The first time I saw it I thought it was just okay, but now I love it. Bullet in the Head it just awesome. A lot of people think it's John Woo's best. His favorite values, brotherhood and honor, are showcased perfectly in that. It's a hard movie to take because it'd very brutal and the action is directly related to the feelings of the characters (more so than other Woo films, I find). The movie is also more about the characters than the action.

So, Hard Boiled is lighter than the Killer. ABT2 is lighter than ABT and Bullet in the Heat is the darkest of all the movies. I say buy them all, like I did. Just keep in mind that my favorite movie ever is The Killer and that I'm a HUGE John Woo fan...
Old 02-17-04, 09:34 PM
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Here's a trailer for A Better Tomorrow:

Old 02-18-04, 03:13 AM
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A Better Tomorrow is a classic - my personal favorite Woo film. Lots of great action mixed with a healty dose of melodrama. Bullet in the Head is good overall, but I find the acting to be a bit heavy handed at times - almost to the point of ridiculousness. Still, both are definately worth seeing.
Old 02-19-04, 01:05 AM
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The Killer is my personal favorite, followed by Hard Boiled. I enjoyed A Better Tommorrow, I liked the interplay between the leads and the idea of "redemption" that runs through the film on many levels. All three have some nice things think about and some enjoyable action sequences.
Old 02-19-04, 06:24 AM
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The Killer is Woo's best movie...but their all great if ya ask me...
Old 02-19-04, 10:41 AM
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ABT 1 and to a lesser extent 2 are good movies from what I recall. I didn't really care for BitH myself but personally I'd add Once a Thief to the mix (the original not the TV remake). If you like the "period" kung-fu pieces check out Last Hurrah for Chivalry.
Old 02-19-04, 07:32 PM
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I loved ABT One and Two. I thought Bullet in the Head was really good, but different. I don't think you will be disappointed...
Old 02-19-04, 09:51 PM
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read over at DVDTimes, that Hong Kong Legends is tentatively planning to release 'Bullet in the Head' on May 17th, no specs yet, but I am hoping they can dig up some good extras.

Old 02-20-04, 01:54 PM
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BITH and ONCE A THIEF are my favorites. THE KILLER is great too. I like ABT, but hate HARD-BOILED. HB just seems like an endless action sequence with no story. Thus, he's continued this trend here in the States.
Old 02-28-04, 11:15 PM
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Bullet in the Head is Woo's second best movie IMO. (The Killer being the best.)

A Better Tomorrow is interesting in that it basically launched the entire genre in HK not to mention Woo and CYF's action careers (both did sappy romantic comedy drivel before ABT.)
Old 02-29-04, 01:32 AM
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Just thought i'd pipe in. The Killer is bar none my favorite Woo film. Hard Boiled is my 2nd. I unfortunately haven't seen Bullet in the head. The original Once A Thief is lots of fun, Chow Yun channeling Cary Grant. A Better Tommorrow was good, but a bit too melodramatic and I loved a Better Tommorrow 2.

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