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Trigger 02-10-04 05:22 AM

Acacia DVD - Out of Print?
Yesasia tells me the Acacia DVD is out of print two days before it's supposed to be released. How can it be out of print before it even hits the shelves. It makes me very sad - someone either explain to me what's going on or else tell me the movie was crap.

Trigger 02-10-04 05:54 AM

in my searches for info on this, I found one review on a message board saying it's a totally sucky movie. So maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

pat00139 02-13-04 11:48 AM

I think someone's been drinking a little too much soju. It's not out of print. The worst think that could happen is the release date's been pushed back, but that hasn't happened. Unless the Korean websites have gone completely insane, you can buy this movie if you want it.

Trigger 02-13-04 02:55 PM

Their email reply to me sounded like they were pretty sauced. I have read that it's a piece of crap movie anyway, so I'll probably pass... unless someone here has seen it and thinks it's worth picking up.

mrwilson 02-14-04 05:35 PM

I don't think it was out of print but more like they didn't press enough to meet initial demand or the first pressing got a late start. I'd vote for late since my first preorder didn't ship but finally did yesterday.

Trigger 02-14-04 05:54 PM

could you give us your thoughts on it then?

Gimbob 02-15-04 01:13 AM

www.dvdasian.com has it stock and full description now .


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