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Alien Quadrilody. Tons Of Confirmed UK Extras - More To Come.

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Alien Quadrilody. Tons Of Confirmed UK Extras - More To Come.

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Alien Quadrilody. Tons Of Confirmed UK Extras - More To Come.

Loads more features have been passed by the BBFC (complete with spelling mistakes) over the weekend. Here's the full list taken from DVD Debate.

Remember to allow for PAL's faster playback speed when looking at the length of each feature.


  • Widescreen, Dvd Audio Commentary Featuring Director Ridley Scott And Members Of The Cast And Crew, (111m 45s)
  • The Eighth Passenger - Creature Design Documentary (31m 33s)
  • Star Beast - Developing The Story Featurette (18m 9s)
  • Multi-Angle Chestbuster Without Commentary (10m 27s)
  • A Nightmare Fulfilled - Reaction To The Film - Featurette (19m 19s)
  • Future Tense - Music & Editing Documentary (16m 28s)
  • Deleted Scene - Untitled
  • Deleted Scene - The Derelict
  • Deleted Scene - Kane'S Condition
  • Deleted Scene - Brett
  • Deleted Scene - Parker And Ripley Argue
  • Deleted Scene - Planning Scene
  • Deleted Scene - Ripley Soothes Lambert
  • Deleted Scene - Airlock Sequence
  • Production Gallery - The Darkest Reaches Nostromo & Alien Planet - Featurette (17m 27s)
  • Art Of Screen Test Footage - Sigourney Weavers Screen Test - Without Commentary (4m 26s)
  • Art Of Screen Test Footage - Sigourney Weavers Screen Test - With Commentary (4m 26s)
  • The Visualists - Direction & Design (16m 41s)
  • Alien Theatrical Trailer A (1m 07s)
  • Alien TV Spots (37s)
  • Bob Burns Alien Collection (16m 52s)
  • Ridley Scott Q&A (15m 38s)
  • The Director's Cut Film Trailer
  • Experience The Terror 1979 Promotional Featurette (7m8s)
  • Production & Outtake Footage (20m 59s)
  • Interviews With Ridley Scott (6m 27s)
  • Alien Laserdisc Archive - Chapter 4 - Interview With rIdley Scott (1m 49s)
  • Alien - Post Production (1m 39s)
  • Alien Laserdisc Archive - Chapter 17 - Lanbeth Confronts Ripley (1m 39s)
  • Kane's Condition (2m 16s)
  • Ripley & Parker (1m 15s)
  • Planning The Search (2m 57s)
  • A Quick Glimpse (48s)
  • Ripley Reassures Lambert (1m37s)
  • The Airlock Sequence Pt. 1 (1m 02s)
  • The Airlock Sequence Pt. 2 (48s)
  • Chapter 17 -Ridley Scott & The Cocoon Sequence
  • Chapter 17 - Production Footage B (Mute) (22s)
  • Chapter 17 - Production Footage C (Mute) (38s)
  • Chapter 17 - Production Footage D (1m17s)
  • Chapter 18 - Trailer (1m09s)
  • TV Spot A (29s)
  • TV Spot B (9s)
  • Chapter 20 - Ripley Scott Interview (2m 49s)
  • Alien Evolution Documentary (64m 31s)
  • Fear Of The Unknown Shepperton Studios 1978 Documentary (24m 3s)
  • Truckers In Space: Casting Featurette (15m 46s)
  • Ridley Scott Introduction To The 2003 Director's Cut (55s)


  • 57 Years Later: Continuing the Story Featurette (10m 59s)
  • Aliens Unleashed: Reaction To The Film Featurette (11m 38s)
  • Beauty And The Bitch: Power Loader VS Queen Alien Featurette (22m 25s)
  • Bug Hunt: Creature Design (16m 23s)
  • Building Better Worlds: From Concept To Construction Featurette (13m 28s)
  • The Final Countdown: Music, Editing And Sound Featurette (15m 30s)
  • Multi-Angle Pre-Vis Animatics With Commentary (3m 12s)
  • Multi-Angle Pre-Vis Animatics Without Commentary (3m 14s)
  • The Power Of Real Tech: Visual Effects Featurette (27m 49s)
  • The Risk Always Lives: Weapons And Action Featurette (15m 12s)
  • Preparing For Battle: Casting and Characterization Featurette (16m 59s)
  • This Time It's War: Pinewood Studios (1985 Featurette) (19m 39s)
  • Two Orphans: Sigourney Weaver and Carrie Henn Featurette (13m 47s)
  • Interview With James Cameron (9m 29s)
  • James Cameron Interview/Film Footage (3m 13s)
  • James Cameron Intro to Extended Version (31s)
  • Aliens International Trailer (29s)
  • Aliens Domestic Trailer (32s)
  • Aliens TV Spots (29s)
  • Easteregg: The Boy And His Power Loader (9m 35s)


  • Production Part One Featurette (18m)
  • Furnace Construction: Time Lapse Sequence Featurette (4m 33s)
  • Xeno-Erotic: H.R. Giger'S Redesign Featurette (10m 17s)
  • Tales Of The Wooden Planet: Vincent Ward'S Vision Featurette (13m 9s)
  • Widescreen, Dvd Audio Commentary, (109m 59s)
  • Pre-Production: Part 3 Featurette (1m 39s)
  • Development: Concluding The Story Featurette (16m 54s)
  • Alien³ Advance Featurette (2m 47)
  • The Making Of Alien³ (22m 25s)
  • Trailer A (1m 00s)
  • Trailer B (1m 07s)
  • Trailer C (1m 01s)
  • Trailer D (31s)
  • Trailer E (1m 06s)
  • Three Times TV Spot (14s)
  • Everywhere TV Spot (15s)
  • Review TV Spot (14s)
  • A True Knockout TV Spot (28s)
  • Galaxy Review TV Spot (29s)
  • Production Footage (8m 9s)
  • Adaptive Organism: Creature Design Featurette (20m 31s)

    Alien Resurrection

  • Virtual Aliens: Computer Generated Imagery Featurette (9m 51s)
  • Under The Skin: Casting And Characterization Featurette (12m 44s)
  • French Twist: Direction And Design Featurette (26m 7s)
  • Alien Extra Easter Egg (6m 47s)
  • A Matter Of Scale: Minature Photography Featurette (22m 48s)
  • Introduction To Extended Version Video (44s)
  • Test Footage Creatures And Costumes Segments (14m 27s)
  • Multi-Angle Segments Without Commentary (8m 34s)
  • In The Zone: The Basketball Scene Featurette (6m 41s)
  • Death From Below: Underwater Photography Featurette (31m 35s)
  • Unnatural Mutation: Creature Design Featurette (26m 21s)
  • Genetic Composition Music Featurette (13m 8s)
  • From The Ashes: Reviving The Story Featurette (10m 3s)
  • Critical Juncture: Reaction To The Film Featurette (14m 26s)
  • The Making Of Alien Resurrection (25m 42s)
  • Theatrical Trailer (2m 19s)
  • Director's Audio Commentary (104m18s)
  • TV Spot: Scream (28s)
  • TV Spot: Host (28s)
  • TV Spot: Scream Cut Down (14s)

    Bonus Disc

  • Alien Evolution BBC Documentary (75m)
  • The Alien Legacy Documentary (66m 51s)
  • Alien Quadrilogy Trailer (1m 05s)
  • Alien Legacy Trailer (1m 05s)
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    whoa... this sounds worth a double-dip.
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    I don't like these movies so much...

    but my god...i'm foaming at the mouth.
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    Re: Alien Quadrilody. Tons Of Confirmed UK Extras - More To Come.

    Originally posted by WillyShatsWig

  • Xeno-Erotic: H.R. Giger'S Redesign Featurette (10m 17s)
  • And people just thought I was trying to be funny when I said the alien's head looks like a skull on the end of a penis...

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