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Cactusbix David 11-04-02 12:24 PM

Buffy Season 5 French Release: Why so expensive?
So I'm looking around various sites and it seems that the French Buffy and Angel releases are cheaper for Americans than the Aussie versions, as they're about $60 each. But then I look at the upcoming French Season 5 release, and it' $120! Anybody know why it's 2x as expensive as the others?


Butch Coolidge 11-04-02 12:48 PM

Some reasons probably:
- French DVD market is #1 in Europe in spite of stratospheric prices
- French people are not likely to buy abroad as they will ask for a French soundtrack on their DVD
- Few Frenchs buy online

Cactusbix David 11-04-02 12:56 PM

Ok, but the previous FRENCH releases are half the Season 5 price.

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