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haliedoeshebron 11-03-02 08:46 PM

question for someone with Battle Royale SE dvd
hey. i really love he movie battle royale and i was playing on buying this SE dvd. To make sure that it was worth the cost tho,I borrowed it from a friend to check out the extras and the new scenes. the thing is it is listed as 1.85:1 aspect ratio but on my dvd it just shows up 4:3. i dotn know what the deal is but if anyone has had a similar problem or have any advice i would liek to know. thanks

Crazy Aoshi 11-03-02 11:19 PM

Which of the many special editions did you want to know about? Japanese, Korean, UK? They may be more that I don't know about too...

benjsimpson 11-04-02 06:36 AM

I just got the R2 Directors Cut SE Tin box from tartan.It plays in beautiful 1.85:1 anamorphic.I have'nt heard of any pan and scan versions,so check your TV and DVD settings just in case.Do a search as there are lots of informative threads about the different versions.I love this film!

skokefoe 11-04-02 10:46 AM

I'd guess he tried watching an anamorphic PAL version on a dvd player that doesn't support that...

Still waiting to hear about quality of the Korean edition, but at least it's NTSC and supposedly anamorphic as well, so that would be my suggestion.


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