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DJariya 10-31-02 10:42 PM

Musa with Zhang Ziyi
Hey everyone
Does anyone know a site or particular store where I can buy the Korean/Chinese film "Musa" starring Zhang Ziyi? I would like to buy a NTSC All Regions edition. Would appreciate any input..thanks!! I've never seen the film though, is it a good blind purchase..I really like epic asian films and this one looks pretty good.

dlew308 10-31-02 10:48 PM

I've only seen it avail as R3 so far
Check yesasia, maybe hkflix or pokerindustries

jinjen 10-31-02 11:24 PM

I saw it a while back on VHS and now own the 2 disc special edition dvd (which is very hard to find now). Purchased it in September while traveling to Seoul. Searched through all the dvd stores in Yong-san electro-mart and only one store carried it (last one). The one disc version is readily available though. (both R3)

As for the movie itself, the fight sequences are great, but for the movie itself, considering all the hype it was getting, I would say marginally entertaining at best. As the movie dragged along, they had serious problems with editing.

The worst part is that they under-used Zhang Ziyi, and that is an understatement! She just appears as a brat princess with minimal fight scenes. Man, what a waste!

Overall, I do recommend this movie with some reservations. Hey, I liked it enough to own it. But then, I own almost any dvd....

***(out of *****) or 7 (out of 10)

BTW, it is a Korean movie shot in China?/Mongolia?. The producers were lucky to have Ziyi commit before her fame with CTHD, but the stupid jerks couldn't cash in by involving her more in the plot.

fama 11-01-02 12:05 AM

ive just ordered the 2 disc from hkflix
tho how much of the extras are going to
be in english or have translation i dont know
yeondvd.com is an excellent site also

aaronstc 11-01-02 12:33 AM

I heard the english subtitles on this DVD were horrible. Can someone who actually has the DVD tell me how they are?

Numskull 11-01-02 02:17 AM

I had a bit of trouble understanding the relationship between the two Korean factions traveling together, but that's probably due to my unfamiliarity with the subject rather than poor translation. Korean DVDs, I've noticed, seem to have better subtitles than Hong Kong ones (fewer grammatical errors, anyway). With this particular film, if you can't tell the difference between Korean and Mandarin just by listening, you'll have to figure out who's speaking what from the context of the story.

Disc 2 from the special edition has three hours of extras (mostly interviews), but no English subtitles anywhere, so unless you understand Korean (and/or Mandarin and/or Cantonese for Zhang Ziyi's and Yu Rong Guang's bits), the only part that will do you any good is the four-minute outtake segment, and maybe the costume design bit (thanks to the CTHD costume team).

And by the way, I don't think Zhang Ziyi was underused at all in this film. So what if she doesn't have any fight scenes? She has no real life martial arts training. She's a dancer first, an actress second, and a fighter last.

cirrus888 11-01-02 03:59 AM

In my experience HK subs have better English, Korean subs vary widely but they are improving.

jinjen 11-01-02 05:20 PM


IMHO, she is neither a pretty face (perhaps my standards are too high? I admit she does have that x-gen edginess) nor a good actress, so her dancing/fight skills are crucial for her longevity.

Don't get me wrong. I like her as an entertainer, and she was perfect in her roles in CTHD and Rush Hour 2.

If anything, her role in this movie diminished her value as a movie star due to poor directing. (and I happen to like the director, but a movie of this scale is out of his league) Thank god not that many people saw it.

eXcentris 11-03-02 12:47 PM

I don't agree that Zgang Ziyi is not a good actress. Just watch The Road Home where she displayed sublime screen presence and an uncanny ability to display a myriad of emotions without much dialogue. In fact, I'd say that choosing to be typecast in "action roles" is a waste of her talent.

Trigger 11-03-02 08:53 PM

I picked it up from krdvd.com and it came with a cool little book. I don't read Korean any better than I can understand it, so I just looked at the pictures. It's a nice DVD though and the price there is nice.

young 11-03-02 09:14 PM

afaik, the 2 korean armies are a noble class and a peasant class - hence the conflict. i've mentioned it before, but some of the themes deal w/ class conflict (heirarchical).

personally, i really enjoyed the movie's slow pace at times. i don't remember about the subtitles, but i don't think they were horrendous or anything.

zhang ziyi kind of annoys me (but i guess her character was supposed to...) but i agree that not using her for fighting is totally appropriate.

IC_Freeze 11-03-02 10:34 PM

she is hot and i'm sure most guys would 'hit it' if given the chance. Try ebay or dddhouse
as for the movie, really good but poor ending. At times during the movie it was stagnant. Didn't have any probs with english subs though. Good movie though dont know if I want to see it again unless a friend wants to see it then I'll watch also

dvdfriendly 11-04-02 04:10 AM

IMO Zhang Ziyi was great in both movies - CTHD and RH2. I am looking forward to see MUSA but as HKL got the rights for the movie I guess I'll wait till next year for a nice RC2-release.

puzzlefighter99 11-04-02 05:00 AM

i got to meet zhang ziyi a few weeks ago!^^

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