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US/European-made films officially released in Hong Kong...

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US/European-made films officially released in Hong Kong...

Old 10-25-02, 02:01 AM
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US/European-made films officially released in Hong Kong...

Can someone point me to a list of titles that fit those criteria, please?
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Old 10-25-02, 12:31 PM
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http://www.coolashop.com to browse through. I don't recommend purchasing from them though.
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Old 10-25-02, 06:52 PM
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www.hivizone.com and www.dddhouse.com both carry some. I just ordered Wasabi, Taxi I & II from dddhouse myself

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Old 10-28-02, 06:49 AM
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Here's a list I created in an other board. It's a bit dated as I didn't list the DVDs from the last 2 or 3 months. But maybe it helps. It isn't that easy to obtain informations regarding the releases, so there are some question marks where I didn't know the exact specs.

USA:France:Spain:Norway:Sweden:Australia:Denmark: I Wonder Who's Kissing You Now (LB, ?, RC0) - Universe
Italy: My Son's Room (fullscreen?, Stereo, RC0) - Winson
Greece: Peppermint (LB, ?, RC0) - Winson
Russia: 27 Missing Kisses (?, Stereo, RC3) - Universe
Bosnia-Herzegovina: No Man's Land (16:9, DD5.1, RC3) - Winson
France/Germany/Italy: Samsara (?, ?, RC3) - Widesight
Austria/Germany: Die Siebtelbauern (LB, ?, RC0) - Mei Ah
Austria/France: The Piano Teacher (?, ?, RC3) - Winson a little bit cut

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Old 10-28-02, 12:06 PM
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Nice list!
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Old 10-28-02, 10:07 PM
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Indeed it is.

I really appreciate the great effort that went into this, Obsidian. Danke.
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Old 10-29-02, 04:21 AM
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Thanks for the reply, guys! You're welcome. But that got me motivated to fill up the gap of the last months. As before I won't list DVD that aren't letterboxed when the original movie is.
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Old 10-30-02, 03:44 PM
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Below is the list of European (mostly) films that I compailed on DVDshelf.com about a month ago.


When you see"VCD" next to a movie, it means DVD version was not available.

2 prices mean VCD, DVD.

When there is one price, it means a DVD price and the price difference between DVD and VCD versions is not essential.

Four Days In September VCD HK$22
Dinner Game VCD HK$33
Self Made Hero VCD HK$19
Roseanna’s Grave HK$12,68
Children of the Revolution HK$25,64
Prisoner of the Mountains VCD HK$19
Midnight Run VCD HK$18
In Bed With Santa HK$14,33
Crosse Fatigue VCD HK$28
Wonderful Ice Cream Suit VCD HK$33
Three Men and a Leg HK$14,29
Piano Teacher HK$38,50
Marquise HK$39,45
Tesis VCD HK$23
L’Appartement VCD HK$19
Didier VCD HK$12
Lord of the Dance VCD HK$18
Schindler’s List VCD HK$25
Bread and Tulips HK$35
Humanity HK$45,74
In All Innocence HK$?
La Fidelite HK$38,56
Let’s Sleeping Cops Lie HK$29
My Man HK$24,45
Night And Day HK$42,79
Camille Claudel VCD HK$33
Cop’s Honor VCD HK$32
Umbrellas of Cherbourg VCD HK$38
Demoiselles De Rocheford VCD HK$38
Beautiful Troublemaker HK$43,78
Nirvana VCD HK$36
Amores Perros VCD HK$35
Horseman on the Roof HK$34,68
Belphogor Phantom of the Louvre HK$15,36
Fat Girl HK$38,49
The ThiefVCD HK$12
Romance (x) HK$49
Fanfan HK$39,78
La Boom HK$36,79
La Boom 2 HK$36,79
DANCER, The HK$14,59
Killer (Russian, not HK) HK$79
Barber of Cyberia

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Old 10-30-02, 06:51 PM
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. . . "Barber of Cyberia" . . . . . .

...make that "Siberia" - please! ... this is Nikita Mikhalkov's epic, close to 3 hour "international" version of the originally reportedly 5+ hours-long Russian-French-Italian-Czech-UK co-produced movie starring the late Richard Harris, Russian heart-throb Oleg Menshikov and Julia Ormond - with dialog about evenly divided between Russian and English...

(I own the French DVD)

. . . . . .

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Old 11-02-02, 03:17 AM
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"...make that "Siberia" - please! ... "

Hehe, good point! Unfortunately, R3 disc unlike R2 one has burn-in subs. Also, I watched the original Russian version as soon as it came out, and there is no way it lasted 5 hours. It is long, but not that long, fit on 2 standard VHS's if memory serves me.
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Old 11-02-02, 03:56 AM
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...ahh... where did you see the original Russian version then? I remember having read that Richard Harris was furious with the cut-down 'international' version because, he said, it seemed longer than the full-length original (which, by the way, was closer to six hours, if the review that I linked to above is anything to go by: "...Nikita Mikhalkov's film is no less epic in proportion. Its running time of six hours compensates for any grandeur lost in not being part of a trilogy....")

...just repeating what I read and/or hear here and/or there... also, watching the French DVD it is all too obvious that large chunks of the story are missing from the movie...

. . . . . .

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Old 11-03-02, 11:44 AM
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I guess, I did watch a 3 hour version, and it is original in a sense that it is a post-edited official version. It's not like there are 2 versions domestic and international. What Richard Harris meant was that the film had been cut in half before it hit the screen, and he indeed was furious about it. I heard there were screenings in Russia where full 6.5 hour version was presented, but AFAIK, there are no (legal) 6 hour DVD or VHS versions of this movie. I'm positively sure that full version bootlegs do exist, but even Russian stores that don't sell internationally only sell 3 hour versions.

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Old 11-12-02, 05:12 AM
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i just picked up the HK dvd by universe from dddhouse of
"the man who wasn't there"
and it only comes w/ one disk
it just comes w/ the color version

i was hoping the description on the
dddhouse site was wrong
and obsidian was right =)

oh well...
only about $6 spent...

anyone know if there's an HK
black and white copy
"the man who wasn't there"

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Old 11-12-02, 08:58 AM
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I'm terribly sorry to hear that. But I don't own all the discs featured in the list myself so I have to rely on information by others. I think in the forum of the Asian DVD Guide someone mentioned that there was a second disc included (of course I'm not able at the moment to find this thread). I'll edit the list right away.

At least DVD Shelf seems to carry 2 different versions of the movie: one color and one b/w. But I'm not sure if that can be trusted either.
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Old 11-13-02, 04:22 AM
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it's all groovy obsidian
for $6, i hardly think i got a raw deal on a color copy of
the man who wasn't there...

i found your list highly useful...
and will use it again and again till i get all the movies
i want/need/must have/to replace blah blah blah...

just gotta keep on bumping up this thread
to keep it on the first page
so it doesn't get lost like other things past page 5 =)

- wing
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