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Info for NYC residents who want to be region free!

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Info for NYC residents who want to be region free!

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know I stopped by Kim's in the village last night and was very surprised to see two DVD players sitting in the CD section (of all players). They were the Samsung and Malata and had stat sheets along with prices for the players themselves. I know the Malata was $270 and the other considerably less. This is the first and only time I've seen them in stores and I know a lot of people are skittish about ordering online or from manufacturers they are not familiar with.
Just wanted to pass it along.
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yeah, kim's video (on st. marks) has had region free players for awhile. they also have a STELLAR selection of imports back on the wall by the register. they had the amelie tin and several other discs i had ordered overseas; prices are reasonable, and their used selection is pretty good too. got "american movie" very cheap along with some other ones you wouldn't see at blockbuster.
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Yeah let me second the note on Kim's r2,3,4 DVDs -- a very impressive collection. They have good taste and I am amazed at how many different countries they have imported DVDs from.

Unfortunately, while I did get one GREAT dvd from the (the R2 Croupier) I have been burned twice by two Spanish DVDs -- Truffaut's Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me is Pan & Scan :f and A Hard Day's Night has forced subtitles...

When I'm buying online, I tend to do more research first -- I got burned by the impulse buy.

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Does anybody else feel that since Kim's moved the R2,3,4 discs to that new rack it's harder to see the titles (esp. to quickly scan to see what's new)? Pain in the a** if you ask me.

On a related note, are there any other stores in NYC that sell non-R1 discs? I've bought a few in Chinatown, but not too many. (I got burned by the HK R3 releases of both 'The Idiots' and 'The Piano Teacher' -- both edited.)

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