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philo 05-07-03 06:00 PM


I expected it to be much more recent than the Nov 9th firmware. I thought it might have been one of the Chinese firmwares on Malata's site.

That Nov 9th firmware is available at the German site mentioned above. This is the site Just click the download section.

You can also find it here with full instructions for the upgrade.

Strange why certain discs would give people problems. Did they change the way DTS is encoded on newer discs or something?

axolotls return 05-08-03 12:33 AM

Yep. That's the page I was referring to. 11/9 was the firmware. Anything after that -might- for different N996 clones. So tread carefully. I had the Malata Site (Chinese) translated for me once (they had the firmwares on their site) and none were applicable to my machine past the 11/01 firmware.

speedy1961 06-07-03 12:26 PM

Need Help Changing Malata 996 To Play Other Regions
I just got a used 996 cheap and while it converts PAL automatically, it only plays region 1 and 0. I could find lots of stuff with geek talk about how great it but no one saying what the actual code was or how to make this machine play other regions.

(of course, unit came with no owners manual).

Any help you guys can provide would be appreciated.

Josh Z 06-07-03 01:08 PM

Once you've started up the player, hold down the CLEAR button until the picture goes out. Release, and then push the numerical button of the region # that you want. Release, and then push PLAY.

The DVD logo screensaver will come back up with a message that says "Welcome to DVD World". You can then play a disc from that region you have chosen.

If you turn off the player, it automatically resets to Region 1 the next time you turn it on.

speedy1961 06-07-03 01:09 PM

Thanks Josh!

You are da man.

cine 08-23-03 07:19 PM

Problem Playing Stuart Little 2 on Malata N996
I'm having problem playing SL-2 on the Malata N996: the disc doesn't play past the Main Menu. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there any work-around?

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