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Mikko Rasinkangas 07-25-02 04:42 AM

Bio-Zombie, Mei-Ah or Media Blasters version?
Which version of "Bio Zombie" fares better, the R0 Mei-Ah or the R1 from Media Blasters?

Trigger 07-25-02 05:13 AM

I don't know how good the Media Blasters version is, but the Mei Ah disc is decent and it has an alternate ending I think. Plus - it's hella cheaper.

Trigger 07-25-02 05:43 AM

I don't remember the subtitles, but I'm sure they weren't all that great translation-wise. I still knew what was going on though. I guess I'm just so used to "engrish" subs that it doesn't phase me. If it's something that bothers you then you might want to get the Media Blasters version - sounds like you made up your mind already. ;)

It is a good movie. Did you check asiandvdguide.com to see what they said about it?

Mikko Rasinkangas 07-25-02 05:52 AM

I haven't made up my mind yet. I'll probably get the Mei-Ah version for $5.5 :). Just wanted to know how intrusive the "Engrish" stuff is.

As for the movie... Is it silly or a genuenly good horror-comedy or... ? Have you done a review of it?

And, just checked asiandvdguide but there wasn't any information about the "Engrish" thing.

Trigger 07-25-02 01:01 PM

I can't remember if I've done a review of it... Anyway - it's kinda silly, but more of a genuinely good horror/comedy. It's a cult classic as far as I'm concerned. As for the "engrish" - it's no worse than any other older Mei Ah DVD. You should like it if you like movies like Dawn of the Dead or Night of the Creeps.

carnifern 07-25-02 03:57 PM

The movie is a great homage to Dawn of the Dead and I'd recommend the Mei Ah DVD with the alternate ending which makes it worth getting.

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