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LABachlr 07-21-02 01:58 PM

Does anyone happen to know where I could get a copy of the Charolastra Edition of Y Tu Mama Tambien? It has all of the extras including deleted scenes. It's all over ebay (check out this one), but it's going for around $75. I was wondering if there were a reliable mexican dvd website where I could purchase it directly.

That's how I bought the Italian version of Malena. I bought it from an Italian DVD website.

However, I have looked all over the Internet on Mexican DVD websites, and none of them have this DVD.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.



ScreachingWeasel 07-21-02 03:33 PM

Try this thread, it has at least one retailer for the Mexican release. In the future you should use the search at the top of the page. You will find a find answers to some of your questions easier that way. :)


LABachlr 07-21-02 03:45 PM

Thanx! I did do a search, but for some reason, it didn't pop up.

By the way, I checked the site, www.sanborns.com.mx, but it is down. Does anyone know anything about this, or about another site where I can pick up a copy of this killer DVD?

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