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JSKANG 07-21-02 01:19 AM

anybody here collect Korean DVD's???
I was wondering if any of you out there collected Korean DVD's or at least enjoy watching Korean DVD's. I'm basically looking for the best sites to buy Korean DVD's on the net, and I am looking for the Korean versions, not Hong Kong versions (which tend to be cheaper due to poorer quality..i think).

So please help me out here, and if you have any Korean films that you recommend, it would be very much appreciated. Thanx a lot!! :)

Trigger 07-21-02 01:29 AM

First off - there's several threads about this subject on the first page. You're new, so maybe you didn't know. The search feature above is your friend. :) I collect Korean DVDs and the quality is vastly superior... I buy from www.krdvd.com or www.pokerindustries.com - you'll find more answers to your questions if you do a search. One of the sticky threads at the top is a listing of nearly all the international online retailers - that's a good place to start as well.

JSKANG 07-21-02 01:57 AM

Sorry about that..as you can see, I am new to this forum, I actually just found this site couple weeks ago, and what a great site!!!

I've always wondered if anybody else beside me collect dvd's (well I'm only in high school, and none of my friends or family members collect dvd's and they always thought I was crazy for collecting them..:p..but I feel like I'm finally at home with all of you DVD addicts!! :))

But thanks for your reply, and I will check them out..

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