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Moon33 07-20-02 03:11 AM

Moebius (1996)Argentina movie(help)
Anyone out there can help me locate Gustavo Mosquera R. 's Moebius (1996) dvd.

Hendrik 07-20-02 04:54 AM

...well... this Argentine <a href="http://www.dvdmovies.com.ar/Medio.html">site</a> only mentions 22 DVDs of Argentine movies ( Películas de Origen Argentino) but "Moebius" is not among them...

. . . :o . . .

Badmutha 02-12-05 03:10 AM

I was also looking for this film on DVD when I found this old thread.
There seems to be an Italian release, but I don't think it contains english
subtitles. Any other releases out there?

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