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Pants 07-19-02 02:37 PM

What is the best release of Peking Opera Blues?
What is the best DVD release of this film? Which studio? What region?


ntuc 07-20-02 12:24 PM

I think only Hong Kong has it. But are R0. never seen it any where else.

Trigger 07-20-02 02:25 PM

The Mega Star release from HK has a non-anamorphic widescreen print, DD5.1 surround sound in both Cantonese and Mandarin, removable subtitles in English (and other languages), and it's Region 0 NTSC. You can pick it up for under 10 bucks at DDDHouse. It's a really nice DVD and so far it's the only one I know about. I think the one released in Japan is just a re-packaging of this one. Same goes for the US - if Tai Seng released this film, they just put a Tai Seng sticker on this DVD.

Pants 07-22-02 10:28 AM

So the Tai Seng version is also excellent?

Trigger 07-22-02 01:18 PM

Originally posted by Pants
So the Tai Seng version is also excellent?
I just double checked - first of all, the Tai Seng version is really difficult to find. Second, the price of it is through the roof. You're lucky to find it for under 30 bucks. Most places it's around 40 or more. Third, the Tai Seng version is just the Mega Star version with a Tai Seng sticker on it. The Mega Star version can be bought right now from numerous places for around 10 bucks. DDDHouse has it listed as in stock for 75HKD which is roughly 10 bucks. I can't understand why anyone would want to pay 3 or 4 times as much for the same thing. Tai Seng can burn in hell (most of the time - sometimes they do something good). Anyway - it's a fantastic movie and I suggest picking it up from DDDhouse or someplace similar. Pokerindustries used to sell (well technically they still do) the HK version for 18 bucks (rip off), but now they won't ship it to the US or Canada which makes me think that some studio has the rights and is planning to come out with it on DVD or in theaters. I don't think it's Tai Seng because they don't have that much pull. Probably Disney and they are probably going to cut out 30 minutes of it and turn it into Iron Monkey 2 and put techno music in it.

Trigger 07-22-02 01:21 PM

My point is that you should buy it soon before it's unavailable... cuz you can bet that whatever studio has the rights to it here in the US is going to do something messed up to it. If they don't and a US DVD comes out that's good, you can sell off your HK version for twice what you paid for it. ;)

Damfino 07-22-02 02:27 PM

Hong Kong Legends owns the British rights to Peking Opera Blues, so if you are patient and can play R2, it should be worth waiting for.

Prancetron2000 07-23-02 03:30 PM

I thought that was a Universe release...

Prancetron2000 07-23-02 03:32 PM

My mistake, it is Mega Star.

Matt Stevens 07-23-02 03:43 PM

5.1 remix has that "hollow tube piping" sound to it. Some really hate it (like me).

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