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westvillage31 07-19-02 07:04 AM

COLD FEET (British Series)
I've just gotten through the first DVD (of a 2-dvd set) of the first season of COLD FEET, a British series set in Manchester. WHat a great show! It follows 3 different couples, each at different stages in their relationsihps -- one couple who just started dating, one just about to have a baby, and one who've had a kid and are in the marriage doldrums.

If you like slice-of-life type shows, this one is a keeper. REally likeable characters, good stories. Amazon.co.uk has a decent price on it too.

weyland-yutani 07-20-02 11:24 PM

the fifth and final series is being filmed now and will be four 90min episodes. it will air in britain early 2003 with dvd to follow shortly.

westvillage31 08-09-02 07:24 PM

Does anyone know when Season 4 will be out on DVD?

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