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Giles 07-18-02 01:09 PM

"Laputa - Castle in the Sky" Japanese Region 2 release October 4, 2002
Here the link to CDJapan:


Guess "Nausicaa" wont come out til '03, oh well. I was hoping for a Christmas 2002 release.

kevin75 07-18-02 04:36 PM

great news. thanks!

livewiretoo 07-18-02 05:35 PM

Going from this past year's releases, Nausicaa will probably come out in March or April. I'm guessing, but this year ghibli put out 3 already and Laputa is number 4.

jonathan.e 07-18-02 11:47 PM

Available to pre-order at www.amazon.co.jp with 15% off which is a huge discount as far as a Japanese disc is concerned.

RichardW 07-19-02 11:15 AM

Does anyone know how fast express shipping is to the US from Amazon Japan? I just ordered Spirited Away, Porco Rosso and Whisper of the Heart.

Seeker 09-21-02 09:31 PM

I don't know about express - but their regular shipping seems to be about 10-20 days.

ntuc 09-25-02 12:22 PM

there is a limited 10000 sets. great set.

Truffaut Fan 09-25-02 04:12 PM

Any word on a R3 release yet?

Harlock415 09-25-02 05:11 PM

Originally posted by Truffaut Fan
Any word on a R3 release yet?
The end of October, either the 20th or 30th. Can't quite remember.

Matt Stevens 09-26-02 04:24 PM

How much is the Japan release in U.S. dollars? And won't the Korean disc be the same thing, but with Korean subtitles added?

Seeker 09-29-02 09:55 PM

The Japan release cost me about $40. I 'm collecting all the R2 Ghibli films, and I guess, for now, I can afford it, so I don't mind.

I think the R3s are cheaper.

Truffaut Fan 09-30-02 12:24 AM

R3 Miyazaki releases in both Hong Kong and Taiwan run around $18-22. I am not aware of any Korean versions, but the HK and Taiwan versions are authored by Ghibli themselves and should be identical in quality.


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