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Balban 07-18-02 08:59 AM

Versus (all zone) : Picture and sound Quality ???
Is the picture and sound of the all zone DVD of Versus are good or bad ???

Thanks for answering.


ScreachingWeasel 07-18-02 09:38 AM

For one it's a bootleg and another the picture quality is pretty bad. You can tell it was recorded off a tape source. There is shimmering and rainbows on it.

JHosk 07-18-02 10:31 AM

I'd second that....if you never knew it was a dvd you would think it was a VHS....the sound wasn't as bad though. There is one point where the sound level goes up and the soundtrack is off, but it only lasts a few seconds.

Its definitely a boot though....a buddy of mine bought one on ebay and the label was done on a ink jet. If you want to have one that you will keep and re-watch wait until an official release comes out or buy the japanese r3 version. If you want to just see it because you heard the hype...well the ball is in your court.

Personally I thought the movies was over-hyped. Its decent, but far from classic. I found the first half great, but then it overstayed its welcome and I felt like fast forwarding just to see the action sequences.

MassaCure 07-18-02 09:29 PM

bootlegss suck
bootlegs suck, but i think there is a new bootleg on the market from the japanese dvd, which should be better then present version, it should be identical or pretty close to the japanese dvd

ScreachingWeasel 07-19-02 12:00 AM

I have to say I was really dissapointed with the official release. It is a lot better than the bootleg, but was still a real let down. I know it was a pretty low budget film, but it just seemed to dark and grainy. Still I'm sure it's the best it's going to look and it's still anamorphic.

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