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gggg 07-18-02 05:22 AM

Good spanish movies on Dvd

I'm looking for some good movies in spanish (from spain or wathever) available on dvd off course, I don't mind if it's only in spanish (so no subs necessary).

Here what I own/have seen:

Tesis SE R2 (very good)
Nueve Reinas R2 (good)
El hijo de la novia R2 (haven't seen yet)
abre los ojos SE R2 (haven't seen yet)
Los sin nombre R2 (good)
Asafalto R2 (very, very bad)
El Arte de morir R2 (average)
En la ciudad sin limite (average)
Todo sobre mi madre (good)
Habla con ella (when is it released in dvd?) (very good)
La communidad (bad)

I enjoyed most of them, can you recommand me some other (good) movies?
I've seen dvdgo is selling a movie called Vidas Perdidas? Any good?


Hendrik 07-18-02 05:36 AM

"La communidad (bad)"



...remind me to never again recommend any Spanish movies...

. . . :o . . .

gggg 07-18-02 06:22 AM

Well, I just didn't enjoy watching this movie, just my opinion, it doesn't mean the movie sucks...

josesol 07-20-02 06:37 AM

Hi guys,
try the following movies:
Y tu mamá también ( great movie!!!)
El espinazo del diablo (devil's backbone) -awesome
El día de la bestia.

and, actually, I did enjoy "La Counidad" quite a lot

namlook 07-20-02 04:06 PM

Don't forget "Amores Perros". Great movie.

Y tu mamá también isn't out on DVD is it?

I really disliked "All about my mother/Todo sobre mi madre". Worst Almodovar film I have seen.

josesol 07-20-02 07:37 PM

Yes, you can get the DVD "Y tu mamà también" at www.dvd.it
PAL region 2; dubbed in spanish an italian. Subtitles in english and italian

Heat 07-26-02 12:38 PM

I've made a list of Spanish language movies available on R1 DVD:


But of course, being in Belguim, you would most likely be interested in R2 DVDs.

Personally I like Almodovar's movies. Check out Atame! and Carne Tremula.

If you like more artsy films, check out Saura's films such as Tango and Goya in Bordeaux (from Argentina).

Habla Con Ella (Talk to Her), which is Almodovar's latest film, won't be released on DVD until probably next summer (a guess). It won't appear in theaters until November 22, 2002, and even then it is only in Los Angelos and New York.

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