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Janos 07-17-02 07:22 PM

Malata 520 - the good and the bad
Hi All,
OK, time to vent... I purchased the player from NBT a few weeks back, and was initially quite happy with it. The player played perfectly and converted all of my region 2 & 3 pal and secam discs flawlessly to ntsc. however, starting a few days ago, the picture on the discs began to pixelize and freeze. Now. the damn thing will not recognize any dvd at all. less then 3 weeks after purchasing, it's DOA. Is this typical for these players, or did I just get a bum unit? I've just shot an email off to NBT and hopefully, they'll respond quickly. i love the unit when it works... Does anyone happen to have any experience with NBT's customer service?? I hope that I won't have to wait several weeks for the thing to make its way frm MA to Canada and back again...
OK, done venting!!
<i><font color=blue>We have a "one-and-only" thread for Malata problems </i>[Benedict]</font>

PacMan2006 07-17-02 10:04 PM

I bought mine from Canada and I'm in MA too. Weird.

I bought mine around late May. It still works great.

My picture does pixelize too but only every now and then. It's hardly a problem.

axolotls return 07-18-02 12:14 AM

Janos: There is no such beast as a SECAM DVD. I had a problem with my Malata, and NBT let me know that I had one year to send it back. I eventually fixed the problem myself. But, they were very helpful in telling me how to return it, if need be.

Malata's Quality Control is pretty bad.

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