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del bosque 07-17-02 04:28 PM

once upon a time in america out on reg 2
This seems to have crept out unnannounced - at least it got past
me. Has anyone seen it yet i.e. is the transfer a good or a bad one ? I'd be really grateful to hear any views.

movielib 07-17-02 06:29 PM

I checked around a bit and in the UK, I could find only Play 247 listing it.


It contradictorily says it is a Region 2 disc and a Region 0 disc. It also says it is (ugh) fullscreen.

Blackstar has a listing but it says discontinued. I also checked DVD Zone 2 and they don't have it.

There is a movie called Once Upon a Time in China and America which all the UK sited seem to have.

Obviously, I haven't looked everywhere in Region 2 but it appears that if this exists at all it is not worth getting because it's fullscreen. I'll stick with my letterboxed laserdisc for now.

del bosque 07-18-02 03:50 AM

Sorry movielib, I should have said that it was Play 247 which was listing it as available. As you say, if it's fullscreen it's probably not worth getting. Have to hang on a little while longer, I suppose,
for the widescreen !

Jules Winnfield 07-18-02 06:40 AM

This is a Brazilian edition.

movielib 07-18-02 11:05 AM

Originally posted by Jules Winnfield
This is a Brazilian edition.
Ah yes, now I remember reading about a Brazilian edition on this forum a long time ago.

I did a little more checking on Brazilian sites and I see theirs is Region 0, fullscreen and it was released on January 2, 1998. But Play 247 says their disc has DD 5.1 sound and dvdbrazil.com says their disc is DD 2.0. So is Play 247 just importing the Brazilian disc to the UK and they have the sound wrong? Has there been a rerelease in Brazil with DD 5.1 sound? In any event it is fullscreen and few of us at DVD Talk will want it for that reason alone.

Interestingly, I see that Play 247 has it listed as their 7th best selling DVD. That should at least make Warner take notice that there is much demand for this amazing film and it should get a big special edition multi-disc type release ASAP.

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