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dvdconcerns 07-17-02 04:24 PM

RCE queries
I read this site's RCE Q&A and I was hoping some people who know more about RCE than I do (which shouldn't be too tough) can help me out. I am in the market to purchase a newly released Sony progressive scan DVD player (the DVDP-NC655P). I currently live in the U.S. but at some point in the near future I will be moving to Brazil (region 4 in DVD-speak). I know a place in Brazil that says they can do whatever it is that needs to be done so that my player can play region 4 dvds as well. But now that I read about RCE, it looks like once my player is modified, RCE encoded region 1 dvd's probably wouldn't be able to be played on my player. The fix-it place in Brazil has never heard of RCE (but I can't assume that they don't know it under another name or simply recognize the problem). In any case, any thoughts on how much of a problem RCE could be for me down the road if I buy this player and add region 4 capability? I also noticed in the RCE Q&A that there is nothing there about Sony. Is that because Sony products can't be modified? Thanks in advance for your help

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