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Swanny 07-16-02 03:54 PM

Universe version of The Killer is HK$30 at dddhouse.com
Under weekly cheap sale.

Trigger 07-16-02 07:08 PM

It's normally like a buck and change more... That's still pretty cheap though - head over to asiandvdguide.com and read reviews for this DVD version.

Vanian 07-17-02 09:20 AM

Here's a review comparing it to the Criterion, Winstar, and Mega Star DVD.

It's better than the Mega Star as far as the picture goes.


Trigger 07-17-02 12:42 PM

I've heard reviews that go either way - some say the MegaStar is better than the Universe version. I haven't seen either. I have the Fox Lorber

Vanian 07-17-02 01:50 PM

Trigger -
I think it really depends on how big the TV is. This is what really made the difference between the Universe and Mega Star versions.
There are some DVD's that I swore looked great on my 27 inch TV but on the 47 inch I could barely watch them. PORTLAND STREET BLUES is a perfect example.


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