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babka 07-16-02 12:08 PM

Crimson Rivers 2-dvd UK R2-- is all subtitled?
I'm wondering if the commentaries and extras are subtitled? thanks!

codefree 07-16-02 03:11 PM

Yes... I own that version and can confirm that both commentaries are in French with English subtitles. :up:

roseart 07-16-02 03:59 PM

What are all the extras that come with it? How is the Video/Audio???

Edit.. Got the extras, now just need to know how the DD5.1 and Video are. Looks like time for an upgrade..

- Director and cast commentary
- Isolated score with composer commentary
- Featurettes: "Book To Feature Comparison", "The Art Of Crimson Rivers" and "Recording The Music"
- Storyboard comparisons: "The Avalanche", "The Corpse", "The Fight" and "The Pursuit"
- Deleted scenes
- Theatrical trailers

What exactly is different from the R1 release?

Bleddyn Williams 07-17-02 02:10 PM

Folks, you may be pleased to know that amazon.co.uk has the 2-disc set on sale right now for only 9.99 british pounds. Take away the VAT for foreign orders, add postage and the total is only 11.58 to your door! Needless to say, I ordered one.



babka 07-17-02 06:15 PM

$11.58 IN DOLLARS???

babka 07-17-02 06:25 PM

Do you guys think its worth the upgrade from the region 1 dvd?

lostatmidnight 07-17-02 08:44 PM

I can't say what is on the R1 disc but it is a single, but the R2 I think is duplicate of the 2 disc French set. Also the transfer is excellent and the commetaries of course sub which was the breaker for me...I got it a few weeks ago from Amazon UK---the 9.99 deal is the best on the web for it.

Bleddyn Williams 07-18-02 08:21 AM

Babka, no - pounds. I can't find the pound symbol on this machine, which is why i spelt it out earlier in the post. Its about $17.50. For a two disc set from the UK to your door, sounds pretty good to me.


jomalley2001 07-19-02 12:56 AM

Is the UK version a longer cut of the movie than Reg 1? I wonder why didn't they bring over the DTS track from the French release?

roseart 07-19-02 08:15 AM

Originally posted by jomalley2001
Is the UK version a longer cut of the movie than Reg 1? I wonder why didn't they bring over the DTS track from the French release?
It actually seems shorter. Amazon.co.uk lists 101 minutes, and Amazon.com lists 105 minutes.

Edit... Doh!! Nevermind, it's PAL. Looks like there the same. I can't convince myself to upgrade to the 2 disc. Looks like the same features...

babka 08-12-02 01:48 PM

amazon.uk has a reviewer who says that the dvd extras are not subtitled. Can someone please confirm what is & what is NOT subtitled? Thanks--

jonathan.e 08-12-02 02:53 PM

A UK review: http://www.dvdtimes.co.uk/index.cgi?...136&story=1821

Safe to say itís all subbed.

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