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Hamburger3 07-15-02 12:41 PM

They Live R2 - Cool extras

SeanValen 07-15-02 01:42 PM

Re: They Live R2 - Cool extras

Yep I agree, nice extras there, finally They Live in R2, and looking good.


funkydjmcescher 07-15-02 04:49 PM

Well, I guess all of the DVDTALKER's in the US are outta luck on this DVD.
As I found out from a person that writes reviews of DVD's in Germany:
Ratings of 18 and above are not available at German mailorder or internet shops due to government regulations. The only way to buy such a title is from a store.

Ever wonder what that "DVD Shop - FSK18" means? I guess it means that we can't get They Live!

Now I may be wrong about this, but I'm going to have to place my trust in the person who gave me the 411 on why They Live was tagged w/the FSK18 & seems not to be availible for export to the States.

Hamburger3 07-15-02 05:30 PM

But this is a UK release.

funkydjmcescher 07-15-02 06:28 PM

Originally posted by Hamburger3
But this is a UK release.
Ouch-I need to read the links there before jumping to a conclusion.
Anyway, I know that the German R2 is out now.. so I get partial credit on this one.

Hendrik 07-15-02 07:48 PM

...the German FSK18 is something like the UK's 18 or the US NC17... and, yes, it is possible to order German DVDs that are so rated on the internet... all a person needs to do is to prove that (s)he is 18 or over... such discs can be ordered on the <a href="http://www.glasnost.yaksha.com/index.htm">Glasnost</a> site... except that I think they only ship to European countries, not to the USA... but don't hold me to that...

. . . :o . . .

funkydjmcescher 07-15-02 09:35 PM

I tried a few German websites & they (for the most part) either did not stock the DVD or had the "FSK18" issue.
The closest that I came to obtaining the DVD was through the German EB (game-it.com). But, alas FSK18.So it looks like the UK version in Oct.

d2cheer 07-16-02 06:52 AM


That is where I got mine, pretty quick shipping also about a week and a half to the USA.

Look under S for Sie Leben(They Live) it has the word "new" next to the title.

Hendrik 07-16-02 03:48 PM

...yup... what d2cheer said (and I 'hinted at' in my previous post - except I wasn't sure if that supplier shipped to the USA - apparently they do)...

NOTE: "Glasnost" makes a special point of informing their customers when a German DVD of a movie has been cut... they also keep track of movies that were scheduled to be shown on one or the other German TV channel, but were taken off the schedule due to censorship...

. . . :o . . .

funkydjmcescher 07-21-02 02:38 PM

Just got the R2 German (kinowelt) via trade. The commentary w/ Piper & Carpenter alone is worth the effort in ferreting this DVD out!

d2cheer 08-26-02 06:48 PM

Originally posted by funkydjmcescher
Just got the R2 German (kinowelt) via trade. The commentary w/ Piper & Carpenter alone is worth the effort in ferreting this DVD out!
Man you are not kidding!! What a commentary!!!!!!!!! I had a big :D on my face the whole time. One of the BEST I have ever heard. Plus the transfer if fantastic!! A great transfer all the way around. Glad I got this one. Even if it was more than I usually pay for a DVD.

axolotls return 08-26-02 07:00 PM

You can also buy the German disc from any e-tailer that's --ahem-- that is next door. Swiss retailers... etc..

I'll grab the UK one though.

ytsejam 09-04-02 07:41 PM

Bensons World (www.bensonsworld.co.uk) has They Live and Prince of Darkness up for preorder- release date 10/21/02. 12.79 GBP each and as always FREE shipping worldwide!!!

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