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the_eza 07-15-02 10:41 AM

DVD Shopping in Berlin
I'm going to Berlin next week and I was wondering if anyone could recommend shops for me which either sell FSK18 rated DVD's or have good selection of horror/sleaze/world cinema or second hand DVD's of any genre.

Zeratul1000 07-15-02 01:50 PM


I asked in a German forum. I'll tell you the results :)

Do you search for something special?

Akuma 07-16-02 06:59 AM

You should go there http://www.videodrom.com/verkauf.html
they have a lot of movies. The red link shows you a map!

the_eza 07-16-02 07:18 AM

I might buy the German release of the anime title 'Kite' if I see it since it seems to be the only uncut edition available. Other than that, I'm not looking for anything in particular.

Videodrom sounds like my kind of place. Thanks for the tip!

Zeratul1000 07-16-02 04:36 PM

Sorry, the_eza!

I saw the http://www.videodrom.com/verkauf.html is the same as www.unglaubliche-filme.de which I got from my research. You find his online-shop here: http://www.dvd-filme.biz

But here we go:

ProMarkt (Ku'damm)
Karstadt (Müllerstraße)
Wohlthat (Budapester Straße)
Saturn (Potsdamer Platz)
Hugendubel (Schloßstraße)
Saturn (Schloßstraße)
WOM (Augsburger Straße)

Hope I could help you :)

I have to add that Berlin is not really a good place for dvd bargain hunters :( The most popular shop is really the first one where you got the URL.

You posted that you are interessed in FSK 18 DVD's. Most shops have much more titels from the horror genre if you ask for it. I don't know how far you are informed with German censorship? If you have more questions ask here or send me a email :)

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