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Gypo66 07-15-02 06:13 AM

DVD shopping in Toronto?
Anybody know of any good places in Toronto to pick up new or even used DVDs? I'm planning to check out the Toronto Film Festival in September and thought that might be a good time to pick up Kandahar and some of those Canadian Seville titles. Thanks!

jtkv 07-15-02 12:42 PM

Where do you plan to be staying?
What DVDs did you want? US or Asian?
Let me know and I'll give you some tips on where to shop...


Gypo66 07-15-02 03:23 PM

Thanks for the response, jktv. Not sure where I'm staying yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll be based right around where most of the festival's screenings are. As I recall, though, Toronto's a pretty easy city to get around in, so it's not a problem if the spots you have in mind are "out of the way."
As far as stuff I'm looking for, I know I want the Seville editions of Kandahar and Vidocq, and probably The Piano Teacher (although I guess it doesn't have all the cool extras of the UK release) and maybe Lost Highway and/or Legend of Zu. Other than that, I'm game for whatever might be interesting or that I can't easily or cheaply find here in the states. Asian stuff, French and Euro, whatever. And second hand shops are always welcome too.

Tristran 07-16-02 12:45 AM

I believe Bay Street Video has the widest selection of DVDs. They're located right across the street from the Varsity theater which will be screening most of the movies at the festival. Their prices are average.

You can also check out the music stores: HMV, Sam the Record Man (if they're still aroud), Music World and Sunrise. If they do have those titles they'll be priced kinda kigh.

Future Shop should have those titles. Their prices are pretty good and it is in the general vicinity of the festival.

DVD Wave has the best selection and pricing but it is very out of the way.

For HK DVDs, check out chinatown or Pacific Mall if you're willing to travel. The prices are a lot higher than HK etailers though.

Did you get your pass yet? If so, which one did you get?

jtkv 07-16-02 07:37 AM

Tristran has mentioned the retail stores...
HMV is wayyyyyyy overpriced.
Future Shop downtown has a crap selection.
Best bet is Bay Street Video (just south of Bloor, on Bay).
They should all sell the Seville DVDs, but as I don;t frequent these locations, I can't confirm.

There's a few used places downtown:

My favourite is Paramusic (On Dundas, 2 blocks east of Yonge)
Pay cash, and it's tax free! They are selling mint condition used DVDs for $16 or less...

Then there's CD Replay up at Yonge and Bloor (next to the Uptown Theatre). Pretty decent selection, but average at $20 a pop.

There's a few used music stores all along Yonge that has used DVDs too. Just walk from Bloor down to Queen, check both sides along the way, and you'll see them.

Across from HMV, there's an underground mall that has used video games and DVDs too. It leads to the subway too, so check around that area.

Chinatown on Spadina and Dundas (West) has some Chinese DVDs. There's two mall in there area to check out. Nothing special though.
On Dundas itself, east of Spadina, there's two stores you'd wanna check out. WY Trading and Cash & Carry. Both have large selections of Asian media, including music, VCDs and DVDs.
C&C can be on the expensive side, and WY Trading is decent, but they can have some oldies that's hard to find.

If you have time, check out Pacific Mall at Steeles and Kennedy (way North-East of the city). Roughly a 40mins drive. It's the new Chinatown, and is designated as a tourist attraction. All things Hong Kong are here! Shop here first before downtown for your Asian fix....

enjoy your trip to TO!


jmcnally 07-16-02 12:33 PM

I'd second Bay St. Video for selection, though price is just ok, except for Criterions, which are priced well. There's a big Future Shop at Eglinton and Laird, about a half hour by transit from downtown, which has a good selection of cheap DVD titles, with lots under $20 (Canadian dollars!).

I'll be attending the Film Festival for the eighth year running. It's a great event, though the lines get pretty annoying.

Have a great trip!

Gypo66 07-16-02 02:49 PM

Wow, I never expected such a wealth of info! You guys are the best. Let me know next time you happen to be stuck in Tampa Florida and I'll clue you in to some of the wonders of DVD shopping here! :)

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